A Day At Ballards Beach Block Island

Day 3 on Block Island began completely differently with brilliant sunshine.  The near Gale winds from Saturday were fading and turning southeast.  Before the ladies woke up, I grabbed the crew some blueberry muffins from Rebecca’s Take Out.  For folks staying in Old Harbor on a boat, Rebecca’s is great. They offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner take-out at really good prices.  After breakfast, Mrs. Horne … Continue reading A Day At Ballards Beach Block Island

Block Island in a Northeaster!

As I reported yesterday, we woke up Saturday morning to a full blown Northeaster. To make matters worse, we were sitting just a few miles north of a Tropical storm packing Gale force winds. The WJAR weather lady couldn’t predict if we’d be safe or not. The good news was that the wind was blowing in just off the jetty to the east and protecting … Continue reading Block Island in a Northeaster!

Block Island – Getting Here

I’m on Day 2 of our Block Island vacation. It should have been Day 1, but we left a day early to avoid an incoming tropical storm.  The trip on Friday was interesting to say the very least. When I got up, it was perfect, ​​ Unfortunately, we weren’t leaving then. Mrs. Horne, Gail, and Rudy weren’t going to be arriving from Fitchburg until later, … Continue reading Block Island – Getting Here

Menemsha and the Jimmy Buffett State of Mind!

Saturday was an odd day. It was very sunny when I woke up, but quickly grayed to a thin haze. Mrs. Horne was coming home around 11:00 and our dear old friends Peter and Mary Lee were arriving at 1:00. Since this was their only visit this summer, I wanted to make it memorable. I told Peter to meet us Mattapoisett Boat Yard since it … Continue reading Menemsha and the Jimmy Buffett State of Mind!

You Meet The Nicest People in Edgartown at The Harborside Inn and Seafood Shanty

There is an old adage – If you want to make God laugh – Tell him your plans! After decades of boating on Buzzards Bay you’d think I’d learn that you really can’t make plans for boating, but I still do. Due a mass of weddings and other family commitments, we have a bunch of one-day weekends where only Saturday or Sunday are available (but … Continue reading You Meet The Nicest People in Edgartown at The Harborside Inn and Seafood Shanty

Brew Fish – Marion

Friday night I took a group of friends to Brew Fish in Marion for my first dinner experience (I have enjoyed several lunches there, but this was my first dinner).

Let me start by saying this is great spot to bring a crowd! They don’t take reservations for parties smaller than six and it’s so popular, you may have to a wait a while for a table on a midsummer weekend night.

It’s also not a Dock and Dine, but it’s not very far from Burr Brothers if you’re staying overnight in Marion. Burr Brothers offers both moorings and transient slips on Dockwa

Brew Fish - Burr Brothers
Brew Fish is 4/10’s of a mile from Burr Brothers slips and moorings…

Don’t be scared off by the number of cars in the parking lot — this is a big restaurant. It actually consists of 4 separate spots where you eat and drink. There is an indoor sit down restaurant, an outdoor area, a large bar area with hi-top tables and an outside area with a bar, a raw bar, and a fire pit. We ate in the bar at a high top for eight. Continue reading “Brew Fish – Marion”

Destination – Mattapoisett

I’ve written a few stories about dining in Mattapoisett and The Mattapoisett Boatyard and decided it was time to tie them all together with a Destination Report. Why Mattapoisett? I’ve boated and lived in Mattapoisett since I was a kid, so it was never a destination to me. The truth is, it’s not really a destination anyone ever mentions, but it’s really a great one… … Continue reading Destination – Mattapoisett

Rescue at Sea

IMG_0544This is a post from a few years back that I originally reported on my Peases Point website. It reminds us all just how serious boating on Buzzards Bay can be!

I was heading over to the town pier to pick up Sue and 6 friends for a short boat trip and lunch at The Chartroom. I was about a mile due east of The Point when I spotted what I first thought was debris floating in the water.

As I got closer, I realized it was the bottom of a small aluminum skiff completely capsized with 4 men trying to hold on and two young children clinging to the hull and no one was wearing a life jacket and the youngest child, who looked 5, was crying uncontrollably.

Suddenly, all those years of watching Deadliest Catch came rushing back to me. I cut the engines and lowered my stern ladder. I then shouted over and asked “is everyone accounted for?”

They said — “yes, please save us.”

I grabbed the VHS and hollered out my best “PAN, PAN, PAN, this is the Mean Kitty. I am approaching a small skiff capsized, one mile east of Peases Point Mattapoisett. 6 souls on board — 4 men and 2 children, all accounted for, no life jackets, need help, I will attempt to rescue immediately.” Continue reading “Rescue at Sea”

Our Dream Boat Comes In; Vigilant (2017 Back Cove 41)

In June of 2016, we were enjoying our first overnight weekend with Gail and Rudy. We were at the Newport Yachting Center (also for the first time), and out to breakfast at The Corner Cafe when I got this text from Joyce at BYS telling me about an incredible listing she just got for a 2015 Sabre 42. As I munched on my Portuguese egg … Continue reading Our Dream Boat Comes In; Vigilant (2017 Back Cove 41)

The #1 Gunkhole in Buzzards Bay – Bassetts Island Cataumet

I was just trolling The Hull Truth and noticed a guy was looking for a nice beach where he could anchor his boat for his kids to swim. I guess there are some people left who still don’t know about this little slice of heaven! I mentioned it in my Chartroom or Kingman Marine Dock and Dine reports, but for those who missed it, here … Continue reading The #1 Gunkhole in Buzzards Bay – Bassetts Island Cataumet

The Mattapoisett General Store

NOTE: The following post first appeared in my other Lifestyle Blog – peasespoint.com.

A few weeks ago I finally stopped by the General Store on Shipyard Park near the Town Pier. I think it opened last year, but I didn’t want to rush over and visit it in case it didn’t make it (does anyone remember Romeo’s Liquors?)

Anyway, it’s a great spot and I think that it complements the new Inn at Shipyard Park perfectly to form the basis of a quaint commercial district on the waterfront.

While I was there, I snapped a few pictures to provide photo-profile of what The Boston Globe calls an “Eclectic Provisioner.” Continue reading “The Mattapoisett General Store”

Big Day With The Little Prince

My grandson Jack will be 3 in September. Although he’d been out on Tenacity at 9 months and 21 months, he never really got into boating until yesterday. Yep, I’m Papi; you gotta have a special name for your grandkids. Anyway, as soon as Jack figured out that he wasn’t going to be driving the boat, he settled into the side lounge and gazed out … Continue reading Big Day With The Little Prince