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Edgartown Diner

Unlike most of the ports we visit, Edgartown doesn’t seem to have a great spot for breakfast. I’m guessing it’s because most of the visitors are staying at B&B’s (as in Breakfast) or moored in the harbor eating breakfast on-board (there are no marina’s in Edgartown.)

Vigilant at one of the two slips in Edgartown

We were not staying at a B&B or on a mooring – we were docking at the Harbormasters Pier and we wanted to go out for breakfast so it was time to visit yelp…

Yelp’s top 4 breakfast restaurants in Edgartown

Among the Flowers was closer, but it’s an outdoor dining venue and it was a tad cool (I hate eating cold eggs).

Lucky Hanks Breakfast menu looked promising, but it was pretty far away from town.

I had checked out Behind the Bookstore’s menu on the way home from the Port Hunter and noticed they only offered a handful of breakfast items.

This brought me to the Edgartown Diner. I love diner’s, particularly for breakfast. I’m a huge fan of Eggs over Easy on Corned Beef Hash and thanks to their well seasoned flat top, most diners serve up a great version of this classic dish.

After a quick study of the alternative menus, we selected the Edgartown Diner with an eye toward authentic hash!

A Contemporary Diner

Before I get to the food, a little bit on the atmosphere. If you’re a diner fan then you know that there are very few “originals” still operating. That’s the bad news. The good news is that the “retro diner” restaurant is a growing segment.

A little digging on the Ole Interweb revealed that the current owners acquired the property in 2015 and the original diner (The Main Street Diner) who did the original retro construction.

The Main Street Diner Facebook page mentions selling the diner to the current owner (Chef Ralston) after 12 years in business in 2015. This would make the diner about 16 years old.

A retro diner…
Even a retro juke box with songs from years gone by

The Food

It was after 9:00 when we sat down at the Edgartown Diner and we were all pretty hungry so we gave the menu a good work-out…

Of course I went with the authentic diner hash…

As much as I love the “new age” hash served at places like Ernie’s on Block Island, there’s something special about this old school dish of leftovers grilled crispy on the seasoned flattop.

I suppose I could have just ordered a couple of fried eggs on top, but I was out to sample everything, so I ordered the egg special over easy with sausage and homemade cornbread…

Needless to say, I ordered way too much food, but thanks to the crew, everyone helped me clean my plate. By the way, the home fries were also quite authentic. I’m guessing they were baked potatoes the night before that were simply chopped up and browned on the flattop.

Mrs. Horne’s sister Gail went simple and ordered the Egg Sandwich on a grilled English Muffin (her usual)…

Rudy went down a similar path, but went with a Denver Omelet…

Mrs. Horne had a sweet tooth and went with the Blueberry Pancakes topped with butter and real maple syrup…

We sampled each other’s dishes and all agreed we were enjoying authentic diner fare. Even better, the check didn’t break the bank, especially considering we were on Martha’s Vineyard…

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