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The Anniversary Cruise

Notwithstanding family, perhaps our oldest and dearest friends are Peter and Mary Lee…

Mary Lee and Peter

Back in the 70’s, Peter and I rented an apartment together when we were both working at Data Terminal Systems with Miss Vaillancourt (AKA Mrs. Horne).

We were married in August of 1980 and they were married that June. Last fall we planned a joint 40th wedding anniversary cruise starting August 15 with a gourmet dinner at The Ocean House in Watch Hill RI.

A few weeks before, the Governor of Massachusetts issued new regulations about traveling to Rhode Island so we changed plans to go to Boston and celebrate at Smith and Wollensky’s while docking at Rowe’s Wharf.

With the rapid sale of Vigilant and the arrival of Relentless from Florida delayed, that plan never came to pass.

Third Try A Charm?

When Relentless arrived in late August, we immediately came up with a third plan for celebrating our anniversaries. It was basically the same plan as August moved out a few weeks. Friday night we’d dock Sandwich and then an early morning straight 60 mile run to Rowe’s Wharf in Boston.

Day One – Sandwich

Despite the rosy forecast, Friday turned out gray and blustery…

Mrs. Horne was apprehensive before we left the house and once she saw Buzzards Bay she challenged me to find another boat on the water.

I couldn’t!

When we arrived in Sandwich, Dwight put us in a slip a little closer to the Harbormaster’s office which was good since we were running late for out reservation at Fisherman’s View

The floating dock was fairly new, but if you dock there beware, it has no bumpers, just raw four-by-fours!

Lunch at the F/V was great as usual…

Peter and I decided to try the Knuckle Sandwich…

Everyone seems to want a traditional Lobster Roll in the summer, but I’m not a fan of all that Mayo, not to mention that price which typically over $25.

By using the tender, but less expensive, knuckle meat, the F/V keeps the price under $20. Of course add in flavor bombs like avocado, sweet toast, and BLT and you’ve got a killer sandwich.

Despite the cool weather, we ended up on the Fly Bridge watching the boats come and go in the tiny basin.

We decided to opt for takeout from the Pilot House and enjoy dinner in Relentless’ salon…

Day Two – Wicked Nor’Easter

I knew we were in trouble the moment I woke up Saturday morning. All the Trump flags were whipping and the wind was still blowing out of the Northeast – not the forecast.

I plotted the waypoints to Boston and came up with nearly 60 miles – not good in a Nor’Easter I had a 12:30 lunch reservation on Rowe’s Wharf and if I had to drop to 20 mph, it would take three hours.

I decided to wake everyone up and take off at 8:00. Sure enough, as soon as we made the turn north out of the Cape Cod Canal we hit 5-7’ foot waves pounding the starboard bow.

Although Relentless ate them up once I slowed to 20 mph, they were just enough off the beam to cause an unpleasant roll – the kind that can make some people seasick, especially after three hours.

Mrs. Horne was the first to suggest a change of plans. I had already considered Provincetown, and since we’d never been there by boat, everyone immediately agreed.

I dropped a waypoint near the lighthouse and changed course to Ptown – it was 20 miles away. We were now heading Northeast, which put us straight into the waves…

We were hitting a pounding big wave every 5 minutes or so, but other than that it was like an jumbo jet in turbulence.

I immediately hit up Dockwa and put in a request for a slip at Provincetown Marina. I’m happy to report my request was confirmed in minutes. We also researched and booked dinner reservations despite the “turbulence.”

Provincetown Marina

It took about an hour to reach the inner harbor. Since we’d left so early, it was about 9:15 when I hailed the marina about checking in early and they said “no problem.”

The marina was bought by new owners a few years ago and totally upgraded. Mrs. Horne loved the huge slips

Not only is this a top notch facility, but it’s also located in the heart of downtown…

Their excellent location is comparable to the Nantucket Boat Basin, but the floating docks and 7X24 security gate make it a tad better.

If you’re a regular cruiser then you know you pay for a great marina. Relentless’ 48 foot slip cost $363 on September 12th – not cheap. They also have semi-onerous cancellation policy…

I say semi-onerous because they do allow one reschedule. Still, I think I’ll be visiting here midweek if I return in the summer and book it at the last minute.

Downtown Provincetown

In case you didn’t know, Provincetown is a very eclectic town. It’s long been the gay capital of Massachusetts and it’s also home to local artists or just people who want live as far as possible from the mainland.

The main drag (no pun intended) is Commercial Street. It’s very narrow, but still allows cars…

Many of the shops are completely open to the street and invite shoppers to step inside…

There’s nowhere else like it, but if you’re like me and you’re not into government coercion about wearing masks, you’re not going to like downtown Ptown until this thing is over.

We’ve been everywhere on the South Coast this summer and most places are somewhere between 20% and 50% mask wearing out on the street. Not Provincetown, it’s literally 100% everywhere.

Saturday Afternoon In Town

Although it was cool on the water, it was a very comfortable 70 degrees on Commercial Street. We started with an early lunch and Bloody Mary’s at the iconic Lobster Pot (click here for a full review).

After a brief shopping spree, we returned to Relentless. The girls took naps while Peter and I hung out on the Fly Bridge listening to John Prine on Pandora.

It was quite cool. In fact, Peter and I had sweat pants and pullovers on. But on the boat next to us there were a bunch of millennials in swimming suits, drinking champagne, dirty dancing, and shooting Tik Tok videos…

This was actually a snapshot from an 8 second video I shot. Mrs. Horne thinks the video is too racy for My Buzzards Bay (and she’s probably right) so that’s all you’re going to get. But if you’re the racy type, cruise over to my Instagram feed and you can see the whole 8 seconds!

When Peter went up to get ice Dave the Dockmaster told him “Have fun, just not too much fun.”

Later Dave conceded he thought the boat next to us might be having too much fun. Personally, I enjoy a busy marina with plenty of people watching, so it was all good by me. Of course if my 6 year old grandson was on board I may have felt differently.

Before dinner we walked around and I shot a couple of other photos…

Dinner At Patio American

Due to our last minute change of plans, our dining options were limited. I went with Patio American Bar and Grill with 4.6 stars out of 5.0 on…

You can read my full review here, but let me just say the food was excellent and their patio on Commercial Street may be the best people watching spot in Ptown…

Day Three – Perfect Day for Boating

We woke up to warm sunshine and a gentle breeze on Sunday…

Better yet, the forecast was for it to stay that way all day. With no dissent, we decided to head across Cape Cod Bay and go to the Chartroom for lunch…

Lunch At The Chartroom

A few weeks back we’d taken Relentless to the Chartroom and they put us in a slip that was a little tight. After that I decided that I’m only tying up on a straight wharf or grabbing a Mooring.

We arrived around 11:45 and bagged the best spot they’ve got – just off the gas pier…

The Chartroom is still taking reservations for lunch – which I like, but at this point, I don’t think they’re really necessary until after 1:00.

We got a nice table on the west side of the porch where the temporary tents weren’t blocking our view…

We ordered up mostly the usuals…

But Peter went rogue on us and ordered the one dish on the menu that might qualify as a breakfast dish – Beef Hash with a Dropped Egg…

I seldom wander far from my favorites at The Chartroom, but I think I may try this next time (click here for a full review of the Chartroom.)

Fly Bridge Cruising

After lunch we lazed back to Mattapoisett at 15 knots taking in Buzzards Bay from upstairs…

All in all it was a great cruise made even better thanks to our detour to Provincetown (I love it when we change plans on the fly).

More importantly, it was great to spend time with our dear old friends Peter and Mary Lee…

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  1. How would you compare the performance of Relentless VS Vigilant? How is Relentless in the typical Buzzards Bay steep chop?

    • Tenacity, Vigilant, and Relentless all managed well in BB chop. Obviously weight and length make it better, but it’s linear, not exponential.

      Cruise Speed/mpg/decibels at helm
      Vigilant – 25 MPH/0.92/85
      Relentless- 31 MPH/0.71/75

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