Leaving Block Island

All good things come to an end! Our fabulous 6 day vacation on Block Island ended Wednesday. We awoke to “Sabre corner” with a beautiful 54 in the prime spot at Ballards Marina and a 42 tugged up next to Vigilant. We returned to Ernies for our last breakfast on the Island and everyone but Mrs. Horne feasted on their award winning Corned Beef Hash. … Continue reading Leaving Block Island

Circumnavigating Block Island by Scooter!

Day 4 turned out to be scooter day. Mrs. Horne says “they’re not scooters, they’re mopeds”. But I pointed out that they don’t have any pedals! Although Ballards Marina doesn’t have any of the typical marina facilities, they do have a car, scooter, and bike rental center. Breezy set us up and told me to “keep taking lefts and you’ll see the whole Island.” She … Continue reading Circumnavigating Block Island by Scooter!

A Day At Ballards Beach Block Island

Day 3 on Block Island began completely differently with brilliant sunshine.  The near Gale winds from Saturday were fading and turning southeast.  Before the ladies woke up, I grabbed the crew some blueberry muffins from Rebecca’s Take Out.  For folks staying in Old Harbor on a boat, Rebecca’s is great. They offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner take-out at really good prices.  After breakfast, Mrs. Horne … Continue reading A Day At Ballards Beach Block Island

Our Dream Boat Comes In; Vigilant (2017 Back Cove 41)

In June of 2016, we were enjoying our first overnight weekend with Gail and Rudy. We were at the Newport Yachting Center (also for the first time), and out to breakfast at The Corner Cafe when I got this text from Joyce at BYS telling me about an incredible listing she just got for a 2015 Sabre 42. As I munched on my Portuguese egg … Continue reading Our Dream Boat Comes In; Vigilant (2017 Back Cove 41)