MBB Music Videos

As you may know, I am a musician. Sometimes I drive Mrs. Horne crazy by having music around me at all times, but that’s just me being me! The truth is I feel like I’m living in a music video when I have cool songs playing in the background.

When we were leaving Block Island in 2017, I got the urge to create a music video around the whole complicated process of pulling out of Ballard’s Marina with about 10 feet to spare before hitting the massive ferry.

That turned out to be the genesis of MBB Music Videos!

After a little research, I discovered that the iMovie app on my phone does a very nice job. In fact all of the videos I’ve done so far are made using iMovie.

Now I’m producing one every time we take and interesting trip and thus this page has been created so you can find them when the snow is is falling in January and you can’t shake the chill from your bones.


The Cliff Walk – Newport Rhode Island

Song: Like A Rock – Bob Segar

The Southern New England Island Tour

Song: Back To The Island – Leon Russell

Tough Sledding To Block Island

Song: Riders On The Storm – The Doors


The Vigilant Island Tour

Song: Ride Like The Wind – Christopher Cross

Edgartown 2018

Song: Summertime by Janis Joplin


Father’s Day 2018

Song: “Fragile” by Sting


Final Cruise – October 19, 2017

Song: “Urge for Going” by Tom Rush


October Trip To Newport

Song: “Bola” by Strunz and Farah


August 2017 Leaving Block Island

Song: “The Weight” by The Band