Wanna Join The My Buzzards Bay Flotilla?

Mrs. Horne and I have been kicking around the idea of connecting with other cruising friends this summer in an informal Flotilla.

If you follow these pages, you know that we frequently cruise with close friends and family as crew/passengers.

Mrs. Horne and I with our #1 Crew Gail and Rudy on Block Island on Tenacity

More recently, we’ve also starting meeting up with friends who own boats at our destination. This has been great fun too…

A few of our boat owning friends somewhere near Buzzards Bay

Mrs. Horne and I have always enjoyed the new friends we make along the way while cruising New England in Vigilant, so we’ve talking about combining the two…

Just a few of the friends we’ve met cruising Buzzards Bay and beyond…

And a few times in the past, I’ve mentioned where we’re going and some of you have kindly showed up and introduced yourselves – by the way, we love when this happens!

Joining The Flotilla…

This season I’d like to try something a little different. My plan is simple; a few days before we depart (once we see the weather forecast), I’ll put a destination post on the My Buzzards Bay Facebook page.

It’ll provide all the basics – where and when we plan to go. If you’re interested in connecting, just put a comment on the Facebook post. Look for us and we’ll look for you and let fate take it from there.

What do you think?


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  1. Great idea – we’re pretty flexible this summer and it would be great to meet other BC/Sabre owners. Roger snd Chrisy Jones – Egret BC 37, Jamestown, RI

  2. Great idea. Independence (BC 29’) has been wanting to meet up with her big sister Vigilant some day. Hopefully this summer

  3. Hi Dave, Please keep me on the list for your My Buzzards Bay Blog. We are back in the Northeast for the summer and will keep track of your destinations and try to meet up . Thanks. Joe Ann

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