The Humarock Husky (AKA The Dory)

Our Humarock Husky

This was my first boat. My father Clyde bought it in 1960 or so. We didn’t even own a place in Mattapoisett yet, but hey, we had a boat. I assume it was built in Humarock (a village in Hull or Scituate).

It originally had a 5 1/2 HP Johnson, then I talked Clyde into putting a 9 1/2 on it — which made it fly. After I left home, I think he went back to 6 HP, which is what she had until he sold her. I loved this boat.

At the age of 7, my grandfather George took me out and decided to make the 7 mile trek across Buzzards Bay and the Cape Cod Canal without telling anyone. I think Hilda may have given him a earful over that.

The best thing about this boat was that I got to drive it around all by myself at the age of 8-9.

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  1. 5-11-2020 – My dad, Duke Townes, designed And built the Husky back Iin early 50s at Humarock Boat & Marine. They were 12 and 14 footers. Anytime you want to sell, let me know

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