Live Music

Live Music from The Sail Loft Padanaram

​​Sunday was Fathers Day. Our big plans to visit Newport with Mrs. Horne’s sister Paula and our dog Daisy got tanked by fog and generally lousy weather.

The weekend was salvaged by the Sail Loft. We headed over at 3:00 just as Neal McCarthy and Barry Gross were starting their set.

Had the Truffle Fries and Portuguese Flatbread (chorizo and carmelized onions) along with a few Doghouse IPA’s.

Man, I love this bar…


​The Live Videos

​Not really sure I know this song, but I love the way Neal and Barry play complementary melodies.


I asked Neal to do my signature song – The Weight…


Often lost in Neal’s show is the very talented Barry Gross playing the upright bass – one of the most difficult stringed instrument of them all.

Barry makes it look easy doing his part in this Hendrix medely…


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