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Island Kitchen – Nantucket

We ate breakfast onboard Vigilant the first day on Nantucket, but for Father’s Day, I thought it was time to check out a new breakfast spot on the island.

Last year we enjoyed Fog Island Cafe, but alas, it’s no more (replaced by a full service restaurant called Beet). Beet does offer breakfast, but it’s one of those boutique style menus with just a handful of dishes.

A yelp search discovered plenty of spots downtown serving breakfast, but they all seemed to have limited menus, takeout service only, or both. The full service restaurants were all well out of downtown.

I mentioned this to Mrs. Horne and she said “great, let’s go to the one that’s a mile and a half away.” She is on a fitness regiment and strives to walk at least 3 miles a day, so we were off to the Island Kitchen.

Google maps took us along the waterfront where sidewalks are at a premium (side note, we returned to downtown on Orange Street, which was much better for walking.)

A Big Crowd – Always a Good Sign

After 20 minutes or so, we emerged from the neighborhoods into a mini mall with a Stop and Shop. As soon as I saw the crowd of people, I knew it was the Island Kitchen and I knew the food would be good.

Despite the crowds, we were seated immediately indoors – which is what I wanted on that cool gray day. I’d say the restaurant seats the same number inside as outside and probably over a hundred.

The menu was a tad eclectic, but did offer everything we were looking for. We were also surprised to see Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s were being served. We ordered one of each with our breakfast, but the waiter said “not til 11:00.”

“What time is it now?” I replied…

“Not 11:00.” He said!

It was 10:32, but Mrs. Horne pointed out that it would probably take 20 minutes to get our breakfast, so we could just have them for dessert!

The Food

Mrs. Horne ordered her favorite – Eggs Over Easy on Avocado Toast…

I respect any kitchen that cooks two eggs in a single pan and skillfully flips them “over easy.”

I was drawn in by my West Coast Favorite – Huevos Rancheros.

I’m a big fan of protein at breakfast, so I also ordered a side of Chorizo…

…then sliced it up and gave my eggs a spicy meat topping!

This was a really hearty Huevos Rancheros with two crisp corn tortillas filled with flavorful black beans. The spicy Chorizo added the heat I needed.

No sooner did I finish constructing my dream breakfast and our cocktails arrived:

By the way, if you’re an orange juice fan, the Island Kitchen has a machine that constantly turns juice from fresh oranges…

A Well Oiled Machine

Serving a hundred covers every 30 minutes is no small feat. Although we had the same waiter for our entire meal, everyone chipped it to deliver hot meals and bus tables. I even witnessed a cook chasing down a server who had grabbed the wrong dish.

As we were leaving, a young man walked by who seemed to be in charge so we stopped him to see if he was the owner.

His name was Joe and he turned out to be the manager. He may have just been an employee, but he certainly acted like he owned the place.

By the way, this great little Father’s Day brunch didn’t break the bank…

If you’re on Nantucket, looking for a great spot for breakfast (or lunch) and you’re looking for a little exercise, the Island Kitchen is your place.

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  1. Hello Dave, As always thank you for sharing your experiences, great information and updates no matter where you travel to. Denna, some friends and I are heading to Nantucket this Friday for the weekend and truly looking forward to our visit. From radioing into the Nantucket Boat basin to hearing Christie’s warm, welcoming voice directing us to our slip, we always love our stay on Nantucket. Keep the updates coming and thank you for the heads up regarding Frog Island. Sincerely, Tom & Denna “Denna Ann” P.S. We really enjoyed our over night visit to Menemsha harbor.

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