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Peace On Earth – The Final MBB Video for 2019

Season’s Greetings my friends. I’m hoping you’re all Home For The Holidays with those you love. I know many of you – like me, have migrated to warmer climates to avoid the snow…

Our winter home in La Quinta California…

I also know there are many of you who are still in New England stoking the fireplace and watching the snow settle in on a cold winter night. If I could, I’d truly love to zip back for Christmas morning.

No matter what your current setting, I suspect you may find yourself daydreaming about running across the bay in 80 degree weather on a clear evening when the sun doesn’t set until nearly 9:00 PM.

I am posting my final video of last season in the hope that sometime in the next few days, you set aside 20 minutes, pour a beverage of your choice, turn up the volume, and enjoy.

The Autumn Cruising MBB Video

Back in the days of Mean Kitty, the boating season pretty much ended after the Labor Day trip to The Chartroom. With Tenacity and now Vigilant, we’ve discovered the wonderful world of Autumn Cruising.

Much to my delight, we enjoyed 17 days at sea between September 8th and haul out on October 21. And for the first time, our final cruise came the weekend after Columbus Day!

As you may well know, I shoot a lot of video and photos when we’re cruising with an eye toward eventually compiling a Music Video of our adventures (AKA an MBB Video).

I’m not sure if it was my itchy camera trigger finger or just the fact that we ended up cruising for 17 days, but I really shot a lot of video this fall.

I finally put it together and cut back as much as I could without losing the juicy parts, but it still ended up being 20 minutes long. And since their are no 20 minute songs, I broke it up into the 5 major cruises we took over the five week period.

So without further ado, grab your favorite beverage, throw a log on the fire, and sit back and reminiscence about autumn boating on Buzzards Bay with me.


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