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I seldom dine on a budget, but I have to admit that “all things being equal,” I’d rather pay $3.00 for an Oyster than $4.00! And I’m sure that’s why I walked by Cru a hundred times before finally venturing in for lunch on Day Two of our Father’s Day Weekend cruise to Nantucket.

Since we were on Nantucket for the final weekend of outdoor dining only in Massachusetts, I figured it was time to break out the wallet and dine like The Rich and Famous at Cru.

Over the years I’ve done plenty of high-end (as in high-price dining) and for the most part, it always ends up being worth the indulgence.

Needless to say, Cru was worth every penny!

Outdoor Dining Indoors?

When I made our reservations, I figured we’d be sitting outside in their water front lounge…

We were dining at 12:30, which I guess is early for lunch on Nantucket because the host asked us if we wanted to sit in the new back bar.

I’m not big on direct sunlight, so I said “Yes, please” and quickly saw that we’d struck gold…

The Back Bar at Cru

Apparently, Cru renovated this room over the winter and it’s absolutely stunning.

I ordered my favorite “Boat Drink” – a Captain’s and Diet. Mrs. Horne went with a Margarita and as our server delivered them to the table he said…

“These are the first two cocktails served in the back bar at Cru for 2020.”

Our table was right in front of a couple of glass doors and deck that sits up on stilts inside the Nantucket Boat Basin…

Mrs. Horne with Nantucket Boat Basin behind
Gull near back bar glass doors
“Will caw for food…”

The Food…

We started out with a dozen of their pricey oysters…

All oysters are not created equal! I prefer the plumper varieties and Cru complied. The other thing that distinguishes the best presentation from average is something called a Mignonette.

Again, not all are equal, but I’ve found the best include a splash of oyster nectar mixed in with the vinegar and the shallots.

Mrs. Horne opted for a bowl of Chowder. She reported it to be true to the New England traditional recipe which is made without flour and often contains a little condensed milk for sweetness.

We then shared the Smoked Fish Pate…

As you can see, the presentations a work of art and all of the thin sliced veggies were both edible and delightful. This would be a perfect appetizer for someone on a low carb diet (just skip the fried pita.)

If you’re not into Paleo and you’re interested in celebrating carbs for all their sinful deliciousness, you’ll love the Hush Puppies.

These bad boys are basically French Beignets with honey for sweetness rather than confectionery sugar.

I mentioned $4.00 oysters earlier – Cru also features $7.00 shrimp.

We didn’t order these, but our new best friend Jake did at our neighboring table and he let me snap a photo.

As you may know, shrimp size is measured by the number of shrimp per pound. Most restaurants serve six U-15’s for their shrimp cocktail appetizer.

The $7.00 shrimp at Cru appear to be U-4 to 6’s. Jake is a pretty big boy and these three were more than ample.

As we ate, our old friend Chris joined us…

We know Chris from the Bay Club in Mattapoisett where he worked early in his career.

Ever the gentleman, Chris treated us to an incredible Key Lime Mousse desert…

Again, perfectly composed, tart and sweet at the same time, and offering a variety of textures.

If you’re on Nantucket and you’re looking for a special culinarily experience on the water, Cru is the spot for you. And if you want feel like you’re on the water but indoors too, the back bar is absolutely the best.

Just remember, it’s gonna run you a couple of bucks, but also remember you can’t take it with you!

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  1. I am missing New England seafood so much! Glad to see you are enjoying your summer. Cheers!!

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