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Massachusetts – My Spring 2020 MBB Video

I think I’ve settled into a pattern for publishing the My Buzzards Bay (MBB) videos. I’m going to produce one for the spring, one for the summer, and one for the fall.

This spring was shorter than expected due to the pandemic, but we still launched in mid May and got in a dozen days and 5 nights at sea.

There are two sections to the video.

The first is appropriately set to The Bee Gees hit Massachusetts as it begins the day I arrived from California.

The second section is set to the old Cat Stevens hit Peace Train…

“I’ve been happy lately, thinking about the things to come…”

Hope you like it and if you see your photo in the video, feel free to leave a smart ass comment!

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  1. Don’t know if you received my e-mail about a month ago. We were the Back Cove 37 you took a picture of in the canal on your way to a wharf in Sandwich where your engine quit close enough to land with bow and stern thrusters. Lucky! We were bringing “Blue Heron” from DiMillos in Portland to Goat Island in Newport. We’ll catch up with you some day. In the mean time keep those informative and interesting blogs coming. We actually booked or, The Whale and Cru for our vacation on Nantucket based on your blog about both. Thank you. George & Elizabeth DeFalco

  2. Your video put a smile on my face!! Great job, party on my friends! Eat more lobstah!!

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