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A Prayer For The Cove

When I’m not busy skippering Vigilant or telling stories on My Buzzards Bay, I also dabble in music. For years it been covering popular songs. I learned a while back that people love to hear me perform songs they know. They can sing along and I also find that they subconsciously “hear” the other instruments in the original — even if it’s just me and my guitar.

Over the last year I started thinking about writing my own songs; songs about my life on Buzzards Bay and people I know and love.

Then in August, a very talented young local singer/songwriter named Rebecca Corriea invited me to a songwriter’s workshop and that turned out to be the spark I needed to ignite my inner songwriter.

May I present to you, my dear friends of My Buzzards Bay, my first original song called A Prayer For the Cove. It tells the story of how I ended up at Buzzards Bay and how my life has been changed forever by this experience.

A Prayer for the Cove

I was barely 6 years old when father took me to Maine
A place called Edge Cliff, dark and shrouded in rain
His dream for that summer went all up in flames
Took me to a place called the Cove and
My life was never the same

I knew the Cove held magic – when I set foot in her sand
Starfish, clams, and giant moon snails this was surely God’s land
My world keeps on changing
But the Cove stays the same
The old faces yes I see them now
I thank God for the summer
And say a prayer for the Cove

50 years in the blink of an eye, where the hell did my life go
An ocean of dreams have come and gone, but this place never gets old
My world keeps on changing
But the cove stays the same
The old faces yes I see them now
I thank God for summer
And say a prayer for the cove

The time has come for my grandson Jack – to share in my dream
Run on the beach, collect seashells, watch the summer sun fade
I wonder if he’ll follow me, and my life by the sea
I wonder if he’ll sing this song when ole papi’s
Just a sweet memory

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  1. Dave
    The lyrics read well and you may have a winner. It all depends on what beat you strum your guitar to and how your voice carry’s
    I’d love to hear you sing it.

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