Wrapping Up The Vigilant Southern NE Tour

After 4 great days on Block Island, we headed south for Vigilant’s first visit to New York and Montauk on Long Island. We stayed at The Montauk Marine Basin which is just south of Gosman’s as you enter the harbor. Once we tied up on their straight wharf, we headed over to The Clam and Chowder House at Salivars Dock (4 stars on Yelp). One … Continue reading Wrapping Up The Vigilant Southern NE Tour

Lynn’s Hula Hut and The Deep C Revival

We’re in Montauk New York and heading to Watch Hill Rhode Island today. Rather than give you a Ships Log report on our trip here, (I’ll roll it into tomorrow), I’ll just give you the highlight. Lynn’s Hula Hut We’re at The Montauk Marine Basin and right there in the parking lot is a great little Tiki Bar. The sign said live music and a … Continue reading Lynn’s Hula Hut and The Deep C Revival

Rainy Day in Paradise – SE NE Tour Day Three

Into each life some rain must fall… After two days at the beach, I was ready for a cloudy day. I got that and more. Mrs. Horne and I got our morning power walk in while it was still dry. It was crazy over in New Harbor thanks to a bicycle road race that closed down the only major intersection in that end of the … Continue reading Rainy Day in Paradise – SE NE Tour Day Three

Southern New England Tour – Day One

As we were plowing through the occasional 10 foot rolling wave several miles off the Rhode Island coast yesterday morning, I said to Rudy… “Back in the Mean Kitty days, I’d ask myself if the seas were going to be calm enough to go out today.” “Now I ask myself if there is anything that’s too much for Vigilant to handle.” Our destination was Block … Continue reading Southern New England Tour – Day One

Rhody Trip – Day Two

Despite the forecast of clouds and occasional rain, we woke up to sun and warmth on Block Island. Peter and I enjoyed our morning coffee al fresco while the ladies slept in. Last Sunday at the Church In The Pines, Pastor Joel asked me about “the old Church on the hill” on Block Island so we headed out to snap some photos. It’s called The … Continue reading Rhody Trip – Day Two

Quick Trip to Rhody – Day One

Our original plan was to leave Thursday for Block Island with Peter and Mary Lee. They had never been to BI and I was anxious to show it to them. But alas, NOAA was forecasting 30 knot winds and tropical downpours, so we postponed our departure until Friday. By 3:00 Thursday it had cleared up enough that we could have gone, but alas… Friday Morning … Continue reading Quick Trip to Rhody – Day One

Gunkholes, Rafting and the MBY Crew..

After Friday’s big gunkhole with about 35 of our closest friends from the Bay Club rafting at Lake Tashmoo, Mrs. Horne and I needed a quiet day on Vigilant to just chill. With little deliberation, we concluded Steamers at The Chartroom and a few hours on the hook inside Basset’s was just what the doctor ordered! Wanting to avoid having to go to a mooring … Continue reading Gunkholes, Rafting and the MBY Crew..

Edgartown in June

Last weekend we had big plans for a 4 day trip visiting Green Harbor, Marblehead, and Provincetown. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate so we had to change our plans. We cancelled Saturday (our first leg) and based on rain forecasts north, we decided to change everything and go as far south as possible instead. The new plan was Martha’s Vineyard for Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. … Continue reading Edgartown in June

Boats, Boards, and Babies and The Bingham’s

We’re in Edgartown at the Town Wharf for a mini vacation (story to follow). I will tell you that we only decided to stay here at the last minute. The Edgartown Harbormaster only offers 2 spots for big boats and they tend to sell out in February. We were scheduled for a trip to Green Harbor, Marblehead, and Provincetown, but the weather turned for the … Continue reading Boats, Boards, and Babies and The Bingham’s

Father’s Day 2018

Summer finally arrived on Father’s Day. We wrapped up our 4 day trip to Nantucket with egg sandwiches on board. It was a Perfect 10 day for boating all across New England. We left at 11:00 and dropped anchor off Weepecket Island just before 1:00. There we savored Father’s Day afternoon. We returned to MBY around 4:00 and it’s was still perfect weather. My First … Continue reading Father’s Day 2018

Things To Do In Nantucket

I woke up to our third day in Nantucket with absolutely no agenda. Sure, we’d kicked around a few ideas but nothing concrete. There was almost no wind so Vigilant rested perfectly still on the Straight Wharf and the girls slept in. A Fog Island Breakfast Isn’t San Francisco supposed to be Fog City? Who knows? But I do know the top rated breakfast on … Continue reading Things To Do In Nantucket

All Weather Day in Nantucket

Day Two in Nantucket didn’t quite start like the weatherman promised. Not only did the 70 degree forecast vanish in thin air (revised forecast high was now 59), but it was raining! I brewed my morning coffee and turned on the heat. Nantucket Tide Mrs. Horne didn’t sleep well because the boat and dock creaked most of the night. NBB is all fixed piers and … Continue reading All Weather Day in Nantucket

Getting to Nantucket

The list of destinations Vigilant has yet to visit got shorter yesterday with our Father’s Day 4-day weekend trip to Nantucket. All week long the local weather reporters were promising the best weather in years and when we woke up, it looked to be true. By the time I got on Mattapoisett Boat Yard launch to head out to bring Vigilant in for loading, the … Continue reading Getting to Nantucket