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Lynn’s Hula Hut and The Deep C Revival

We’re in Montauk New York and heading to Watch Hill Rhode Island today.

Rather than give you a Ships Log report on our trip here, (I’ll roll it into tomorrow), I’ll just give you the highlight.

Lynn’s Hula Hut

We’re at The Montauk Marine Basin and right there in the parking lot is a great little Tiki Bar.

The sign said live music and a Corona special at 5:00 so we went…

Amber The Corona Girl

It’s owned and operated by a lovely woman named Lynn – so it’s called Lynn’s Hula Hut.

Lynn’s been there for 5 years. It took her 3 years to get the necessary permits and then her husband died one year later.

She’s a great example of someone who’s thriving despite adversity.

The Deep C Revival

Not only is this place very cool, but they had a really great band playing. I compiled a video of some of my favorite tunes.

I hope you enjoy!

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