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The Southern New England Island Tour Video

We have some special VIP guests this weekend who would like to remain incognito – so no MBB stories.

But since I love all my followers, and I don’t want to leave you empty handed, I’m publishing the final MBB Video from Vigilant’s Southern New England Island Tour.,,


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  1. Thank You Dave for some really great posts ! I always look forward to, and enjoy reading of your exploits. I find myself a better boater as a result of the information you post. I share them with my wife who also enjoys them. We find ourselves discussing your stories.

    I enjoyed your recent posts on tidal predictions and the Southern New England video. Sometime, perhaps in the off season I would be curious to learn how you maintain Vigilant, (e.g. engines, electronics, cleaning, waxing). She is always looking ship shape and I know how hard that can be. Not a very glamorous topic but just something I am interested in.

    Again, Thank You for sharing your boating experiences! Fair winds and following seas to you !

    Best regards, Frank Slatttery, Annapolis MD

    • Thanks Frank,

      In terms of cleaning week-to-week, Mrs. Horne and I usually split the duties. She rinses the topsides and hull with Salt Away, lets it sit for 10 minutes, and then rinses it off. If the windows need cleaning, I use commercial window washing liquid and a window washing squeegee. As soon as I squeegee, I wipe the excess away from the window frames with a dry cloth. If it’s rained and the windows already look clean, I’ll treat them with RainX. It causes the spray to bead up and doesn’t streak like Windex.

      We never wax during the season.

      I do the inside. I only use bleach (Clorox Clean Up) in the toilet bowl because the seats are wood and they get discolored, otherwise I use a non-bleach cleaner disinfectant.

      As far as the offseason goes, I defer everything to my team of service providers. Most of the work is done by Mattapoisett Boat Yard where she’s stored. The electronics work is handled by SK Marine Electronics out of New Bedford. New Bedford is a major fishing port so SK gets a lot of high-end work. If we need any sophisticated engine work, we use Niemiec Marine, also out of New Bedford and one of the top Cummins service centers in the Northeast.

      I wish I knew enough to do more myself, but MBY is so good and fair in their rates, it’s generally easier to let them do it.


      • Thank You Dave !

        I had not thought of the rainX 🙂

        I look forward to reading your next post !

        Best regards, Frank

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