Life's Adventure

Monica Rizzio, Martha’s Vineyard Chowder, and The Cardboard Box

As you may know, we ended up staying in Oak Bluffs for a second night due to the truly crappy weather!

We started the day watching the Ryder Cup while I made my killer egg Sammie’s for breakfast…

Martha’s Vineyard Chowder

Around 1:00 we headed out to try a new lunch venue – The Martha’s Vineyard Chowder House…

As you might guess, clam chowder is their specialty. They make it every day from scratch…

The place was packed and while it took some time to get my first cleansing ale, it was well worth the wait.

Once the early lunch crowd cleared out, we enjoyed truly spectacular service led by our man Jake (from State Farm)…

The rain had stopped so we took a little walk after lunch and bought a few gifts for our grandkids.

Back on Vigilant I took a little power nap while watching Diners, Drive-in’s, and Dives.

The Cardboard Box

Thursday night at The Red Cat Kitchen, our server mentioned that they had just opened a new restaurant called The Cardboard Box. After a phone call and a couple of texts, we got a reservation for 6:30.

I’ll do a proper report later, but here are a few photo highlights…

It offers a totally modern, chic, hip vibe featuring Christmas green and red lights behind the bar.

The chef was Ben who had prepared a fantastic dinner for us a year ago at the Red Cat Kitchen.

Our server last night was truly special. A somewhat crazy young lady named April…

I asked her if she was into Marshal Arts and she said “I could be!”

As much as I love The Red Cat Kitchen, I think I like The Cardboard Box even better.

The food was incredible. We started out sharing the Poutine which was built upon perfectly made fries topped with gravy, cheese, and herbs…

After dinner a woman named Lorraine came over out of the blue and introduced herself…

Lorraine and a husband (not sure if he’s hers)

The two couples were from Mississippi and Louisiana…

They were very interested in My Buzzards Bay as well as talking politics (which is one of our favorite pastimes).

Monica Rizzio Live

The Cardboard Box is next door to The Ritz where we’d seen The Edbury All Stars the night before. So of course we stopped in for a little live music.

It was a country band featuring a young female singer named Monica Rizzio. She gave me a copy of her CD…

Her show started at 7:00, but they had to catch the last Ferry to Cape Cod so we only caught her last few songs.

I absolutely love her Texas “twang” and I’m looking forward to listening to her CD on our run to The Chartroom later this morning…


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