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Vigilant’s Fluff and Buff MBB Video

As last reported, we enjoyed a great 4 day weekend on Block Island with Gary and Amy two weeks ago.

When we got back to Buzzards Bay the fog lifted and I decided we’d tie up at The Mattapoisett Boat Yard to unload our gear and refuel (we’d burned over 150 gallons on the 140 mile trip).

There were boats tied up on both sides of the float so I backed Vigilant into the gas dock. I like the gas dock since it’s has bumpers on the pilings and plenty of lines to tie up. This means we don’t have to break out our gear.

The Sight No One Wants to See

As Mrs. Horne fended off the port stern from the piling, I looked down and instantly noticed the bumper on the piling was gone. Then I saw the sight no boat owner wants to see – two raw bolt heads had torn up Vigilant’s gelcoat.

I wish I could say this was the first gash Vigilant has suffered, but far from it. In fact, she’s probably had a half a dozen.

Back Cove includes a couple of cans of Flag Blue gelcoat with each boat and MBY is very adept at filling, sanding, and buffing.

Dave Kaiser (MBY owner) immediately took the blame and promised to repair it.

Adding Insult To Injury

I was down below cleaning when I thought I heard the door slam. A few minutes later, Dave Kaiser was back again.

It wasn’t the door slamming, it was Dave and his Bertram Ripple slamming into Vigilant!

Of course I couldn’t care less. Vigilant was already coming out for one no-fault gash, what’s another?

Listing Mystery Solved

On the way back from Block Island, I noticed that I had to push the starboard side down hard to stay level. After Ned pulled Vigilant, I saw why…

Apparently, this is a common problem. The pin that holds the flap to the piston is made of plastic. Of course, the boys at MBY replaced it with a brass bolt!

Fluff and Buff Time

While Vigilant was out, I had the boatyard replace the zincs, power wash the bottom, and buff out the hull.

By Friday, she looked brand new!

Can’t Keep A Good Woman Down – The MBB Video

I have a habit of videoing my boats going in and out of the water.

First of all, it’s usually a cool video and second, I figure I’ll have a record if something goes wrong.

This morning I was looking through the video I shot last Friday and realized I had the making of a good MBB Video.

I hope you enjoy…

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