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The “No Name” Storm Slams Buzzards Bay

Last week I decided to change the service provider for my home generator to R.A. Mitchell in New Bedford. Wednesday morning they visited our home in Mattapoisett and went over the entire set-up. It turned out their timing was perfect.

About 16 hours later (1:00 AM Thursday), Mrs. Horne woke me out of a sound sleep to tell me the generator had kicked on and the power was off.

I woke up at 6:00 AM and the generator was still humming. Around 6:15 AM the power came on despite the fact that the wind was still howling. I decided to pop open my Bouycast app and check the windspeed…

53 Knot Gust at the mouth of Buzzards Bay – nothing to sneeze at. That’s 61 MPH, just 13 MPH short of hurricane force winds!…

I started browsing social media, this tweet popped up…

88 MPH – Clearly this was more than just an October gale. Then on Facebook I saw a few more ominous posts…

Cruise ships seeking shelter – clearly this was one serious storm. Thanks to Linda for tipping me off to the whole “No Name” thing.

Yesterday afternoon I went down to the Town Wharf to check out the damage. I talked to Assistant Harbormater PJ Beaudoin who told me that about a dozen boats had broken off their moorings and slammed the wharf, other boats, or the beach.

The 45′ Sloop Fearless was the worst hit…

PJ told me it had hit a couple of boats before drifting into the wharf. It actually ended up right here!

Cracked Glass!

Mrs. Horne and I had taken in all the furniture from the front deck on Wednesday morning except the couch, which is too big to fit through the door. Last winter I covered it and tie it to the wall with rope.

Wednesday I covered it, but planned to buy proper tie-downs rather than rope, so I didn’t tie it to the wall. The near hurricane winds blew it across the deck and into the railing.

When I moved it, I saw what I really didn’t want to…

It’s hard to see, but that’s shattered glass! Thankfully, Citywide Glass in New Bedford can fix it next week for a mere $280.

Video From The Cove

I shot some video of the wind and waves yesterday for those of you who have already left our shores to enjoy…


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