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Newport Weekend – Nearly Normal…

Although the pandemic has delayed the start of the 2020 boating season, I’m happy to report that it’s nearly back to normal in Newport and I suspect all of Rhode Island.

Magical Friday Evening

Our #1 Crew – Mrs. Horne’s sister, Gail, and my good buddy, Rudy, came down Friday afternoon for the cruise to Newport. We began the weekend on Friday night with our first restaurant experience in Massachusetts since October at The Bay Club…

Mrs. Horne and Gail

The Bay Club has a covered back patio and drop screens that make it ideal for outdoor dining as long as it’s warm. Fortunately, it was a near perfect mid-seventies.

Although the Bay Club is a private club, it does have a range of social membership and hosts a few charitable events every year that are open to the public.

The refined menu in the restaurant is one of the great things about the Bay Club…

Filet with Blue Cheese Butter and “ Dirty Fries”
Ahi Tuna – Salad Nicoise

Sunset on Vigilant

Gail and Rudy had not seen our new slip at the Mattapoisett Boat Yard, so I decided to take a detour on the way home and host everyone for an after dinner aperitif.

As we enjoyed the fading sunset, I ran our options for Saturday’s lunch by the crew. Option 1 was an early arrival in Newport for lunch, Option 2 was lunch at The Sakonnet Point Club, and Option 3 was gunkholing behind Gooseberry Island for the Captain’s Rubens.

They chose Option 3…

Gooseberry Island Bound

The wind never came up and the 30 mile run was kinda like a 747 at 35,000 feet – my favorite way to fly!

The cove behind Gooseberry Island is a little precarious to get to, but generally well protected from the giant sea swells coming in from Rhode Island Sound.

We had a light offshore breeze on Saturday, so the anchorage was quite serene…

Over the winter I acquire a pair of flat irons that pretty much take all the drama out of grilling Rubens on aboard…

Newport – Nearly Normal

After we set Vigilant up at The Newport Yachting Center, we took a little tour around Newport. Clearly there is a pent up demand for normal outdoor fun. I’d say that 15% of the people on America’s Cup Way wore masks. Funny though, most were millennial aged young women…

You Must Make Reservations!

We went up to several seaside bars with empty seats and asked to come in and have a drink. Every one of them said the same thing – “We’re seating reservations only…”

As soon as I got back to Vigilant I started making lunch and dinner reservations for our upcoming 5 day visit to Nantucket along with Sunday at the Chart Room.

Meeting YOU Never Gets Old!

We returned to Vigilant for cheese and crackers (along with an evening cocktail.) As we watched the scene on Newport Harbor, we saw a Formula 45 pull in and tie up.

Mrs. Horne is very engaging and sparked up a conversation with the captain.

His name is Brian and he’s a loyal follower of My Buzzards Bay. He just got his Formula 45 (Date Night) after moving up from a 29.

Brian’s home port is Portsmouth and he was in Newport for dinner and heading home around 7:30. He’s a man after my own heart having eaten lunch at the Seafood Shanty on opening day (June 8.)

Back to Midtown Oyster

Although there are probably 100 restaurants in Newport, we tend to rotate through our favorites. As soon as things started opening up in RI I went to Open Table and booked dinner reservations.

22 Bowen’s and The Moorings were gone, but there were still a few spots left at Midtown Oyster Bar.

They seated us on the third floor deck overlooking the harbor – one of the best tables in Newport…

We began with Oysters…

Mrs. Horne had the magnificent Beet Salad…

Rudy had the Blackened Mahi Mahi…

Gail had the Lobster Mac and Cheese, which was the star of the table. Fortunately, she couldn’t eat it all, so she shared!

Mrs. Horne has the Baked Scallops…

I went with the Steak Frites with Chimichurri…

Once again, Midtown did not disappoint. Moreover, we all enjoyed vastly different cuisines and each dish was perfectly prepared.

As we walked back to the boat, I was saddened by the sight of the wedding tent at The Bohlin…

I recalled all the tedious planning that went into our daughter’s wedding and shed a little tear for all the brides who had had their 2020 wedding plans go up in flames.

Social Life On The Dock

Although we frequently travel with guests (and bring our party with us), Mrs. Horne and I still travel alone from time to time and enjoy sitting down at a seaside tavern and making new friends.

Rhode Island opened up before Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and New York, so Newport is likely representative of the way things will be for most of the Summer of 2020, which means mingling with new friends sitting at a bar will be rare or nonexistent.

I predict (and hope) this will make dockside socializing more common. We’ve already seen a little of this during our first trip to Kingman Marine last month.

Saturday night in Newport served up an unexpected social encounter that really put a nice cap on a beautiful day.

As I was out snapping photos of the magnificent sunset on the harbor, Mrs. Horne struck up a conversation with two delightful young women…

Kristina and Andrea

Andrea is from Lisbon Connecticut and Kristina is from Westerly Rhode Island. They drove to Newport to visit friends who were on a boat in a slip near us. They shared a very colorful back story, but preferred that it not be repeated on Social Media.

As always, your humble story teller respects everyone’s privacy…

Nothing warms my heart like 30 year olds who enjoy hanging out with folks like us who are a few years older.

After quite sometime, we had indeed made a couple of great new friends…

As you can see in the photo above, Newport graced us with a spectacular sunset Saturday…

Fire In The Harbor

When I got up Sunday morning I found Gail sleeping in the salon. She’d gotten up around 1:30 and saw a boat on fire about 200 yards away. She shot some video, but it’s pretty rough…

I shot a photo of the sunken boat as we left Newport Sunday morning…

Mrs. Horne found the entire story on the 10WJAR website.

Chart Room Bound

We left Newport around 9:30 and set course for the Chart Room. This was the real opening weekend with outdoor seating, but that’s another story for another day.

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  1. I have not been to these areas, but my fiance live in Falmouth and Buzzard Bay for awhile. I get to go to the cape this summer with him. Your post was very informative, but it is almost lunch time and it made me very hungry too. Thanks for the post.


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