Dock and Dine

The Real Opening Weekend at The Chart Room…

As you may recall, we went to The Chart Room for their traditional opening day weekend on May 18, except it really wasn’t. They were limited to take out service and although we had fun hanging out with folks we met on the dock, we only got away with it because Kingman Marine was closed.

A few days after that, they went to takeout only via a “touch and go” dock pickup process.

Finally, The Real Opening Weekend

On June 8th, the governor allowed Massachusetts restaurants to reopen for outdoor dining only and accordingly, The Chart Room and Kingman opened pretty much as usual last weekend.

Most Mass restaurants are still losing space by not being able to serve people inside and The Chart Room did lose its inside seating too…

But their indoors seating was never used much on a nice day and The Chart Room picked up quite a bit of outdoor seating on the front lawn and in the area where people usually sit in Adirondack chairs and drink Mudslides.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out The Chart Room can now seat more diners than usual.

Lunch On The Porch

We had made a 12:30 reservation the day before and while the phone was busy the first few times I called, once I got through it was pretty straight forward and nice to know we were all set before we started the nearly 50 mile run north from Newport.

We arrived early and the crew opted for a traditional cold one on Vigilant before heading in.

In addition to asking patrons to wear masks until seated, they have also enabled “contact free” menus and packaged up safer cutlery…

Although I was curious about what it would be like sitting under a tent outside, I was also a little apprehensive about being on the porch and having our view blocked by tent diners.

Fortunately, we got a great unobstructed table by the window on the porch…

Rudy, Gail, and Mrs. Horne

Opening weekend service is usually a “crap shoot” as The Chart Room has a lot of rookie servers trying out for a summer job. Not so for us, we had one of the top servers who’d been there for a very long time!

After a few crew members ordered their world famous Mudslides, we started with a big bowl of Steamers…

Mrs. Horne and I shared a Ruben…

Gail and Rudy shared a Caesar…

And Swordfish Tips…

Although the food at The Chart Room is generally consistently good, it all seemed to be a bit better than usual. The steamers were really plump and the Ruben was thicker and perfectly grilled.

And Periwinkles Too!

It was nice to see folks shopping at Periwinkles again…

They too had plenty of signs of the times…

The owner told me they were short on their traditional long sleeve Chart Room shirts because the California vendor had shut down for a month. He expected more as the season went on.

That said, he did have a very timely wooden sign for sale…

All in all, I’d say The Chart Room has emerged nicely from the Covid 19 shut down…


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