22 Bowens – Newport Rhode Island

My new favorite marina in Newport is Bowens. I love it because it’s right in the center of the action on the Newport Waterfront. I also love the fact that you dock east-west which allows you to dock stern out and get a view of Newport Harbor without being blocked by mega yachts that require the deeper water. We first docked and dined at Bowens … Continue reading 22 Bowens – Newport Rhode Island

Calaveras – Block Island

When we arrived at Ballard’s Marina, we asked Breezy (the Dockmaster) for some local restaurant recommendations and one of the first she mentioned was Calaveras, a Mexican establishment. You have to understand, Mrs. Horne and I spend our winters in the desert of Southern California about 75 miles north of the border. Not only do we have many Mexican neighbors, but we’re also surrounded by … Continue reading Calaveras – Block Island

The Oar – Block Island

In 2016 we made our first trip to Block Island and we stayed at The Block Island Boat Basin in New Harbor. We had planned to stay for 3 days, but ended up getting bumped by an incoming tropical storm. Fortunately, we ate at The Oar the first night! That Beach Club Feel It’s funny how the restaurants on Block Island vary wildly in atmosphere. … Continue reading The Oar – Block Island

Dead Eye Dick’s – Block Island

One of the nicest aspects to acquiring our first cruising boat Tenacity has been visiting Block Island at the same time my cousin Sharon and her family are there at her home. We never know how many cousins will be there, but in 2017, it was a dozen so we ate at the only place on Block Island that would take a reservation for 12 … Continue reading Dead Eye Dick’s – Block Island

Final Cruise of 2017 – Fisherman’s View Restaurant 

All good things must come to an end and so it goes for our 2017 season on our new Back Cove 41 Vigilant.  She was Christened on April 24 which means she’s been in the water almost 6 months.  We put 125 hours on her this summer and somewhere around 2,000 miles.   Final Friday  We leave our beach house for the winter on Sunday … Continue reading Final Cruise of 2017 – Fisherman’s View Restaurant 

The Copper Wok Saves Breakfast 

Mrs. Horne’s sister Paula and 5 of her girlfriends came to visit this weekend to celebrate her birthday on Buzzards Bay.  Many of them had never been to Martha’s Vineyard so we were planning on taking them to Edgartown on Saturday.  Unfortunately, it was another one of those weekends with a rainy Saturday! Sunday looked like it would be a much nicer day so I … Continue reading The Copper Wok Saves Breakfast 

September At Fisherman’s View

As you know, I’m a huge fan of F/V (that’s how the Fisherman’s View refers to themselves). I love the ride up the canal, I love the indoor water view, and I love the food. Speaking of food, here’s a review I did a while back. Saturday I took Mrs. Horne and six of her childhood friends out for the day and lunch at the … Continue reading September At Fisherman’s View

Destination – Cuttyhunk

After a great early dinner on Friday at The Chartroom and a surprisingly pleasant gray day cruise to Edgartown, we wrapped up our annual weekend with the McGrath family with a visit to Cuttyhunk. I haven’t been there is a while mostly because the food options are pretty sketchy. If you’re in the same boat, you may want to stay tuned, I think they’ve gotten … Continue reading Destination – Cuttyhunk

Menemsha and the Jimmy Buffett State of Mind!

Saturday was an odd day. It was very sunny when I woke up, but quickly grayed to a thin haze. Mrs. Horne was coming home around 11:00 and our dear old friends Peter and Mary Lee were arriving at 1:00. Since this was their only visit this summer, I wanted to make it memorable. I told Peter to meet us Mattapoisett Boat Yard since it … Continue reading Menemsha and the Jimmy Buffett State of Mind!

You Meet The Nicest People in Edgartown at The Harborside Inn and Seafood Shanty

There is an old adage – If you want to make God laugh – Tell him your plans! After decades of boating on Buzzards Bay you’d think I’d learn that you really can’t make plans for boating, but I still do. Due a mass of weddings and other family commitments, we have a bunch of one-day weekends where only Saturday or Sunday are available (but … Continue reading You Meet The Nicest People in Edgartown at The Harborside Inn and Seafood Shanty

Destination – Mattapoisett

I’ve written a few stories about dining in Mattapoisett and The Mattapoisett Boatyard and decided it was time to tie them all together with a Destination Report. Why Mattapoisett? I’ve boated and lived in Mattapoisett since I was a kid, so it was never a destination to me. The truth is, it’s not really a destination anyone ever mentions, but it’s really a great one… … Continue reading Destination – Mattapoisett

The Northwest Buzzards Bay Secret Dock and Dine – Onset

Last week I talked about the best bargain Dock and Dine is Buzzards Bay – Wareham. Right around the corner is one of the best kept secret Dock and Dine’s – Onset. To get to Onset, head down the Cape Cod Canal and take a left just after Hog Island. There is a large green Day Marker that you must stay to the right of … Continue reading The Northwest Buzzards Bay Secret Dock and Dine – Onset

Wareham – Buzzards Bay’s Bargain Dock and Dine Destination

Our two Back Coves – Tenacity (37) and Vigilant (41) have spoiled us when it comes to selecting a destination. Both can plow through 4-5 foot chop and Vigilant has a hard back door and a heater, making even a 50 degree day a cruise day. It wasn’t that long ago when when cruised Buzzards Bay in our 26′ Whaler and back then, we had … Continue reading Wareham – Buzzards Bay’s Bargain Dock and Dine Destination

An Interesting Weather Weekend and A Black Dog Tavern Review…

We just concluded a highly enjoyable weekend hosting three of our favorite couples. It was an interesting weekend from the boating perspective. Each day looked like a “Perfect 10” around 9:00 AM and each turned into days you wouldn’t dare go boating on by afternoon. Friday, we met Peter and Mary Lee at the Mattapoisett Boat Yard and headed to The Chartroom for a relaxing … Continue reading An Interesting Weather Weekend and A Black Dog Tavern Review…

The Sail Loft – Padanaram

This is quickly becoming my Sunday afternoon hang-out. My friends Ken Richard and Neal McCarthy seem to have a standing gig there from 3-6 on Sundays, it’s seldom crowded around 3:00 and they have a limited free Dock and Dine deal going with South Wharf (just make sure you bring plenty of dockhand tip cash). Not only does the Sail Loft have all that going on, … Continue reading The Sail Loft – Padanaram

The Fishermen’s View Restaurant

Suppose you’re on Buzzards Bay for a little getaway and the weather is less than perfect? Let me be more specific. Suppose it’s May 13th, you just got your new boat, the skies are gray, the wind’s blowing 20 out of the east, there’s a gale warning coming in later in the day, and you’re determined to take you’re sister-in-law out to lunch – what … Continue reading The Fishermen’s View Restaurant