Dock and Dine

The Beach House – Bristol Rhode Island

On Monday it looked like Rhode Island was finally going to lift its 14-Day Quarantine on people visiting from Massachusetts.

Safe Harbor Sakonnet is the closest Dock and Dine venue we have. The Sakonnet Point Club is very nice, but it’s private. Thanks to an agreement between our golf club (The Bay Club) and SPC, we can dine there and charge it to our account.

The Sakonnet Point Club

I started talking to the Dockmaster on Monday and he told me that they were still not able to accept Transients in Phase 2. This didn’t make sense based on what I’d been reading in the local papers, so I started calling marina operators in Newport and Block Island. Indeed, they all told me they were open to visitors from Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Just to be sure, I then called Rhode Island Environmental Management and The Rhode Island Marine Tourism Association. Surprisingly, both answered the phone and both confirmed Rhode Island was open for out of state tourists!

Mrs. Horne and I planned to visit the Sakonnet Point Club for lunch on Thursday but it turned out not to be a good boating day, so we passed.

Our Dock and Dine Plans

I then started researching good seaside eateries near us that offered online lunch reservations on Opentable and settled on The Beach House in Bristol Rhode Island for lunch on Saturday.

Before I go any further, I must confess that we actually ended up driving to RI, so our lunch wasn’t technically a Dock and Dine. But that doesn’t mean The Beach House isn’t a great Dock and Dine.

Dock and Dine Bristol…

Before I considered doing a Dock and Dine report on The Beach House, I opened up the Dockwa app and started searching using my current location…

Yep, three docking options and two of them actually had a special rate for Day Trips. The Town Marina was dead south from The Beach House and offered docking…

For those of you who travel with bikes, there is a beautiful path running between The Beach House and The Town Marina.

The Beach House Restaurant

As soon as we sat down at The Beach House I was blown away by the view…

This is the view south down Narragansett Bay toward Newport. There is also a great view Northwest. The dining deck is two level so everyone gets a more-or-less unobstructed view of the bay.

They have a really nice menu offering something for all palates with a blend of sea, turf, and veggie…

We started with a couple of cold ones. It had been 3 months since my last draft IPA so I was pretty excited…

Mrs. Horne ordered the Nachos. Not only was the presentation impressive, but the inclusion of their house pulled pork was unique…

The Corn Salsa was really special and Mrs. Horne asked for seconds…

I started making Classic Cubano sandwiches at home this past year so I decided to give theirs a try…

It was very good, but half way through I realized they’d left the Pulled Pork off! Fortunately, Mrs. Horne’s Nachos we’re overloaded with pork, so I simply took some and “finished the dish table side.”

Finally – Back To Normal Dining!

Not only were the food and views great, but simply returning to a near normal dining experience was euphoric.

The only one wearing a mask was our outstanding server Angela…

I took a few candid shots of people enjoying the day without masks…

These didn’t seem to fully capture the mood of the day so I ended lunch with a short panoramic video…

If you’re tired of the Newport crowds and looking for a great meal on Narragansett Bay, The Beach House is the spot for Dock and Dine…


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  1. We would have loved to meet you as we live in Warren RI I wrote to you several weeks ago and asked if you knew Mike and Joyce Sayles at the Bay Club.? Would like to have a rendezvous this summer if possible. We keep our 37 in Portsmouth Ri


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