Our Preseason Mini Vacation in Newport

Last week Mrs. Horne decided we needed a getaway and with that our mid May mini vacation began. I think this is the first time we ever left home without a destination. In fact, we weren’t even sure how long we were going to be gone! Since the odds were that we’d be out at least one night, we dragged our little Westie Daisy along … Continue reading Our Preseason Mini Vacation in Newport

Woods Hole Pilings

Woods Hole is a very special place. It can also be absolutely terrifying for the boater traveling through it for the first time. In town, it’s truly unique. Although it does have the look of a Southcoast Seaside Town, it’s also a serious commercial town in that the Oceanographic Institution is also based here. Although I have eaten there many times, my favorite spot – The … Continue reading Woods Hole Pilings