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The Fisherman’s View – Sandwich

We started the 2021 season yesterday with a shakedown cruise from Buzzards Bay up the Cape Cod Canal to The Fisherman’s View in Sandwich (more on the shakedown cruise later).

I posted a few photos on Facebook and a friend asked for more information on the F/V and docking. I posted a link to my report on Sandwich Marina and looked for one on Fisherman’s View only to discover I never published one, so here goes…

The Fisherman’s View

We visited the F/V shortly after they opened. As much as we loved the Pilot House, the interior was dark, dated and how do you say – stinky!

The Fisherman’s View was just the opposite. White, bright, and immersed in views of The Cape Cod Canal…

The Perfect Dock and Dine?

If you visit my Dock and Dine page, you’ll find a lot of great seaside eateries you can reach by boat. If they weren’t excellent, I’d never send you their way. But none of them are perfect – except maybe The Fisherman’s View.

I try not to “over visit” any venue, but I admit I come close to doing just that at the F/V. To begin with, it’s at the end on the 7 mile run up the Cape Cod Canal – which scenic and calm in almost any wind…

The docking is easy and readily available at Sandwich Marina

Yesterday we were charged $20/hour which is pretty sweet for a 50’ boat. I can also tell you that I’ve never been turned away in close to 50 visits.

But wait, there’s more!

As a musician, I love being serenaded in a seaside eatery, especially at lunch and in midafternoon. I can probably name all the dock and dines with live afternoon music on one hand.

The F/V has live music on weekends in the bar…

The F/V also has a great outdoor area that is somewhat sheltered from the prevailing southwest wind…

Oh yeah, the F/V also has live music on the outdoor patio…

The Food

And of course a perfect Dock and Dine requires both great food and a great menu.

The Menu at Fisherman’s View is quite extensive, with all the typical seaside fare you expect, sushi, and sandwiches.

Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail
Classic Caesar
Lobster Quesadilla
Fried Scallop Roll
Fish Sandwich
Grilled Salmon Wrap
Knuckle Sandwich

The Knuckle Sandwich is basically a BLT with Lobster from the knuckles added. Mouthwatering and far less expensive than a traditional lobster roll.

Fried Clam Platter

One of my lunch tricks is to order a fried seafood sandwich without the roll. It’s a nice way to cut carbs and most places give you a little more of the good stuff

Fish Sandwich Sans Bun
Fried Scallop Roll Sans Roll

Last year they added a Sunday Bruch that features most of the main menu plus some unique breakfast offerings…

Breakfast Burger (Fried Egg Added)
Jonas Crab Benedict

As you can see, I love this place and visit it frequently. And for those of you who don’t have a boat or boaters who live in the area during the winter, I can’t imagine a better spot to dine at on a chilly January day…


PS: Now that my good friend Tara is a manager their I love it even more…

Me and Tara back in the day at Turks in Mattapoisett

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