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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Mrs. Horne is a very traditional girl. She loves God, her family, her country, and her friends – even her friends from grade school.

It’s not easy maintaining long distance friendships for more than half a century, but she manages.

We invited three of her old friends down in late August to check out Relentless, but she hadn’t arrived yet from Florida, so the girls just hung out at our beach house, stayed up late, and shared stories.

Carol, Anne, Dee, and Mrs. Horne

Although Mrs. Horne has a lot of friends – both old and new, these three seem to laugh more and sleep less when they get together.

Oak Bluffs Bound?

During the August visit, we invited them back to stay overnight on Relentless in Oak Bluffs over Columbus Day Weekend.

We’ve certainly been there quite a bit this season and for good reason – it’s fun and it’s as close to normal as anywhere in Massachusetts during the lockdown.

I spoke to the marina about tying up on the bulkhead in front of Coop deVille just to double-down on fun and they thought they’d be able to comply.

I also liked OB because even in Small Craft Warnings, we could comfortably make the 20 mile cruise.

Unfortunately, on the morning of our planned departure we didn’t have Small Craft Warnings, it turned to be GALE FORCE winds…

And by 10:00 AM – our planned ETD, it was already gusting 31 knots on Nantucket Sound…

The girls settled for a tour of Relentless…

We have a great slip at The Mattapoisett Boatyard with a solid stone and concrete pier protecting us from the ever present south winds.

Despite that protection, the boat was still rocking and rolling…

Perhaps even scarier was MBY owner Dave Kaiser’s Bertram Ripple which wasn’t as well protected…

I posted this video on the My Buzzards Bay Instagram feed around 10:45 and someone saw and told Dave by 11:00 who carefully moved her to a Mooring. Isn’t social media great?

After the tour we all had lunch at The Black Whale

The Whale is a great spot to bring out-of-towners who have never seen New Bedford. It’s the #1 fishing port in America and the restaurant literally sits in the middle of the scallop fleets…

After lunch the girls played LRC, told stories, and enjoyed the Captain’s Blue Cheese Buttered Filet Mignon for dinner.

Fisherman’s View – Not Again!

What can I say?

I love the Fishman’s View, the Sandwich Marina, and most importantly, it was an ideal destination with three lovely ladies – who just might be landlubbers, in the face of a 20 knot Northeaster…

While the wind was whipping like mad, Northeaster’s seldom drive wave more than 3 feet thanks to the protection from Butler Point and Bird Island.

Northeaster’s are perfect for the Cape Cod Canal. You avoid the rollers coming in from Buzzards Bay and get a very smooth cruise under the scenic bridges. It’s always a great spot for a photo…

Not only is the F/V 100% reliable as a Seaside Eatery, but Dwight and the boys at the Sandwich Marina always make tying up a breeze…

Brunch at the F/V

The Fisherman’s View always has a great menu with a wide variety of classics and unique dishes. Last Sunday they also added a Sunday Brunch.

Mrs. Horne is not a big fan of Brunch, but since the Brunch menu also includes 75% of the regular lunch menu, she was happy.

In fact, Carol and I were the only ones to venture onto the Brunch Menu. I went for the Jonah Crab Bennies…

This is a unique take on Eggs Benedict. The English is replaced with F/V Jonah Crab Cakes, which also replaces the bacon as the protein. From the poached egg up, it’s a traditional Eggs Benedict.

Carol went with the Breakfast Burger (which was my second choice)…

It’s basically something I call “An Ole English Burger” because it’s served in an English Muffin. But it’s enhanced for brunch with bacon and a fried egg.

Smooth Ride Home

The best part of dining at the F/V in a Northeaster is the favorable wind all the way home. Not only is the canal flat as glass, but the silky smooth ride continues uninterrupted as you enter Buzzards Bay.

As we approached Hog Island, Mother Nature called. Mrs. Horne isn’t yet certified as a relief pilot, so I deployed the Skyhook.

It’s a nice feature that works like a Dynamic Parking Brake (click here to learn more). By Dynamic, I mean it reads the GPS and digital compass to lock in a location and heading, then drives and rotates the pods to hold the boat essentially locked in position.

Still seeking a little fun, Mrs. Horne talked Carol into the Captain’s chair for a photo opt…

Notice that while the girls were out for fun, they didn’t want too much. Look at Carol’s hand carefully hovering over the wheel so as to not accidentally start driving the boat.

I love that Mrs. Horne has these decade old friendships and I also love hanging out with all them.

It’s always fun…

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