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October Weekend to Plymouth

With Rhode Island still kind of off limits and two visits to Martha’s Vineyard since Labor Day, Mrs. Horne and I ventured up the coast to Plymouth for the first weekend in October.

Although we generally travel with guests, we do like to get away alone now and then – as Mrs. Horne lovingly commented on Facebook…

It’s 45 miles from Mattapoisett to Plymouth, but when you factor in the slow speed run for ten miles in the Cape Cod Canal, it feels more like 60.

In light of this, we generally stop at the Fisherman’s View for lunch just to break up the trip.

Lunch at the F/V

The Fisherman’s View has become one of our top go-to lunch spots. The views from the dining room are stunning…

And the food from the hip menu is always beautiful to look at and very tasty…

While Covid has messed up food service everywhere, I have to say that having the F/V taking reservations for lunch makes it an even more attractive destination.

Our East – West Friends in Plymouth

As you may know, we live in the desert of Southern California in the winter. Most New England Snowbirds flock to Florida for the winter, but having worked much my career in Silicon Valley, we moved to La Quinta when I retired.

That said, we do have a few New England Snowbird friends who live near Plymouth and we always try to meet up with them when we visit the land of the Pilgrims.

Dinner at the Tavern on the Wharf

So we went back to The Tavern on the Wharf…

There are a lot of great restaurants in Plymouth and as much as I like trying out new spots, when you’re organizing a group event, it’s best to go with a “sure thing”.

The last time we ate there we were in the traditional front dining room, but Saturday night we dined in a new canopied area on the water.

Captain, Mrs. Horne, Jeannie, Jean, John, and Russ

As always, the food was great…

The back dining area is canopied, and warmer than outdoors – but cooler than indoors.

This back area feels more like a party environment – although it could have just been the table next to us where they were drinking from giant towers filled with margaritas and Sangria…

Sunday Funday

Perhaps the nicest thing about offseason cruising is not having to book a non refundable marina before you know the weather. Our plans for the weekend we’re originally 4 days on Nantucket, but when our guests couldn’t make it, we decided to do Plymouth knowing the arrival and departure days could flow with the weather.

The forecast for Monday never really settled down so I waited until Sunday morning to book the second night.

The forecast was near perfect and the only question was whether to just spend the day in Plymouth and go home late or spend another night.

When Mrs. Horne woke up and looked at the gorgeous morning, she said “Let’s stay…”

Our plan was to go for a two hour walk and end up somewhere downtown for lunch. But the plan changed when the marina asked us to move to the front dock and we lost almost an hour.

The second hour evaporated as Mrs. Horne made friends with other Sabre 48 owners in the marina…

Captain Dave Hogan
Captain Bruce Van Fleet

It’s great to meet fellow captains who take loving care of their boats. They both own 2013 Sabre 48’s and both look brand new.

We discussed restaurant options with the locals on the dock and three spots kept coming up – The East Bay Grill, Tasty’s, and Martini’s.

We’ve eaten at the East Bay several times and Tasty’s is closed on Sunday’s, so we headed over to Martini’s…

Looking at the menu and the dining room, it felt like a better spot for dinner. We made a reservation for 6:30 and then headed over to a place I wanted to try for lunch…

The Speedwell Tavern

We’d had drinks and homemade kettle chips at the Speedwell in 2018 watching Adam Frates perform. The chips were so impressive that I made a mental note to return some day for lunch.

It’s a cross between a Gastro Pub and a Dive Bar – my favorite kind of place. There is no music these days – probably driven by reduced seating due to government edicts, but it’s still got a dive bar feel, complete with customer’s personal beer mugs hanging from the ceiling…

Despite the dive bar feel, the food is pure Gastro Pub…

Including the best taco I ever ate – Crispy Pork Belly and Sriracha. You can read my full review here.

Live Music in Plymouth

One of the things I love about Plymouth is the preponderance of live music – even during the afternoon. When we decided to visit Plymouth last weekend I began researching venues and discovered that The Tavern on the Wharf is still standing strong…

I love live music and I also love it when I see a place that actively promotes its events on Facebook like the Tavern.

After lunch we were heading there for the Jeff Hilliard Show and as we passed the New World Tavern, we noticed a live soloist performing…

It’s really great to see at least two spots with live music on a Sunday afternoon in Plymouth. And indeed, The New World Tavern also maintains a great event schedule on Facebook…

We continued to the Tavern on the Wharf, but when we got there we learned the show had been moved back to 2:00 so we headed back to Relentless.

As we headed back to the boat, my phone rang and it was my old neighbor Carolyn Newell. She was on a boat in the harbor, spotted Relentless, and called me. We agreed to meet later just as Mrs. Horne came up with an idea…

The Mayflower Tour

Mrs. Horne is a proud American and she’s been fascinated with the Mayflower since her return to Plymouth in August. If we’d had a boat at the time, we probably would have accompanied her up the canal.

So it wasn’t surprising for my lovely wife to decide it was time for a tour!

I did a full review of her visit here – Things to do in Plymouth – The Mayflower Tour.

Since I skipped the tour, she did the quick version, but she still enjoyed it and learned a lot…

Visiting with an Old Neighbor

I grew up in Acton Massachusetts on a little street called Orchard Drive. My best friend was David Newell and his sister Carolyn was my brother Charles’ best friend…

Nancy Newell with my brothers Mark, and Charles (circa 1962)
The Newell’s House on Orchard Drive

These days most of my interactions with the Newell’s are on Facebook, so the opportunity to meet up face to face with Carolyn was a special treat…

The Captain and Carolyn

Even more special was meeting her wonderful family…

They were in a Plymouth on her son Kevin’s new boat…

And adding to the treat was a 10 minute FaceTime session with my dear old friend David.

I don’t know about you, but I seem to do more reuniting with old friends through cruising than any other way…

Kevin, Mrs. Horne, and the Captain

Forget Martini’s – Chinese Takeout Night

Although it had been a wonderful day, by 5;00, it was getting very gray, drizzly, and cold. Martini’s was about a half a mile away and we really weren’t that hungry, so we cancelled Martini’s with an eye toward takeout.

Our first thought was grabbing some burnt ends from the Surfside Smokehouse in the marina, but they were closing early so I hit up the old Interweb for restaurants that delivered.

I always go with delivery dishes that can be heated up since most arrive cold. This narrowed us down to Pizza, Italian, or Chinese.

We settled on Chinese for two reasons; we hadn’t had any in a very long time and the #1 delivery restaurant on yelp for Plymouth was Asia Tasty…

The food was delivered to the marina gate it was very hot and as they say – Tasty!

This tempting plate is actually the leftovers Mrs. Horne and I shared the next day – they were still excellent.

After dinner Mrs. Horne relaxed and watched Denzil Washington’s thriller The Equalizer…

Rainy Days and Monday’s

Although the Matt Noyes (NECN Chief Meteorologist) said Monday would be a decent day, at 7:00 AM it wasn’t quite…

The thing is, Relentless is sealed tight and has four thermostatically controlled heat pumps as well as commercial offshore grade windshield wipers.

This means that once the power/water is disconnected and the lines dropped, riding home is very similar to a comfy RV.

We hung out until around 10:00 when there was a break in the rain, packed up, and shoved off.

Bye Bye Plymouth

Shortly after tying up in Mattapoisett, Matt Noyes forecast came true and Monday afternoon was spectacular…

Beyond seeing dear friends who live in Plymouth, this little tourist town has so much to offer. We’ve been there a half a dozen times by boat and all but one were in the off-season.

I think it’s right up there up with Oak Bluffs as off-season venues go. Especially if you like Chinese takeout!

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  1. Small worlds all around us. Saw that you grew up in Indian Village – did you know the Reidy family on Quaboag Rd?Continue to enjoy your blogs.


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