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19 Raw Oyster Bar

We’re in Edgartown for the first time aboard Relentless, our new Sabre 48 Fly Bridge for Labor Day weekend. Being the last big holiday weekend of the season, all the waterfront restaurants are packed with lines of people waiting to get in.

Saturday morning we were out for our power walk and noticed 19 Raw on Church Street. The courtyard dining area looked very inviting and I immediately planned to return for lunch.

It was delightful and here’re the details.

More Than An Oyster Bar!

This is not your typical seaside eatery with Fried Clams, Fish and Chips, and Oysters on the Half Shell. Well, they do have Oysters, but beyond that, the menu is a work of art.

The buried treasure at 19 Raw lies in the small plate menu

19 Raw Small Plate Menu

Beyond chowder, lobster roll, and Caesar, every other dish on this menu is an original creation.

By the time we sat down it was 2:00 and obviously Five O’Clock Somewhere, so we started with an adult beverage…

Mrs. Horne ordered a Cucumber Mint Lemonade…

This was similar to her go-to Suzy Cucumber cocktail with the addition of Agave Nectar and Lemonade.

Gail went with their special margarita…

19 Raw is also a brewery…

…so Rudy and I both ordered the Bodhi IPA…

By the way, if you’ve had it with cocktails served in plastic cups due to government edicts, you’ll be happy that 19 Raw serves all drinks in proper glassware!

The Food

This my first seaside eatery review in over a month, so I’m a little rusty. So rusty that we devoured the MV Smoked Bluefish Deviled Eggs before it occurred to me to take photo.

I did lift a photo from the 19 Raw Facebook page

Although it had some similarity to a traditional Deviled Egg, the Bluefish and Siriachi Aioli was the primary flavor profile.

Mrs. Horne and Gail both had the chowder…

19 Raw Chowder

It’s made with the thinner broth I love. The bacon crumbles and scallions on top transformed this New England classic into unique 19 Raw dish.

They also shared the Beet Carpaccio Salad…

Rudy took the unconventional route and ordered the Menage A Trois…

This dish doesn’t fit into and typical menu category. Loaded with Lobster, Shrimp, and King Crab, it’s kind of a seafood salad, but it was all served in a cold Avocado and Lime Juice broth with cilantro and micro greens. It’s not really a salad and it’s not really a soup!

The Best Sandwich I Ever Ate!

I had a tough time deciding what to order, but one dish caught my eye – The Oyster Bahn Mi. The only question was how were the oysters prepared? I asked our server, she said Fried, and I said YES!

I was seated facing the front door and I spotted our food coming out and suddenly, like a slow motion train wreck, I saw the food runner trip on the stairs and watched my Bahn Mi crash to the patio floor!

It happens – nobody’s fault, but she did mercifully bring the sandwich board covered in fries over for me to munch on while they quickly made me a second sandwich…

I think it’s possible that the board had so many fries on it that they actually pushed the Bahn Mi to the floor.

Anyway, my sandwich finally arrived and it was spectacular…

It starts with homemade brioche roll, which was larger than a traditional hot dog roll. The oysters were flattened somehow and shaped more like a fried chicken filet than an oyster.

The pickled vegetables make or break the Bahn Mi and these were perfect. Jicama, Carrots, and Cucumbers with right blend of sugar and vinegar flavor.

And it was all topped with same Sriracha Aioli that was on the Deviled Eggs.

I am fairly certain this was the best sandwich I ever ate! By the way, it’s not listed on the website menu, so I hope it wasn’t a one-time special. If anyone from 19 Raw reads this review, please make it a regular dish!

Fun with Great Service

We’ve dined out quite bit since the government started making up rules for restaurants. We can see some are struggling to make it all work. In fact we ate at another one of my favorite spots in town Sunday night and it was obvious that staff was burnt out over the whole pandemic thing.

But not 19 Raw! In addition to the proper glassware, everyone who worked there was hustling and despite their masks, we could see their smiling eyes.

And we loved their shirts…

We also loved our server Sofia…

She’s been thrown a couple of curveballs dealing with the government edicts, but she’s rolled well with all the punches and she’s still smiling behind her very stylish bandanna mask!

19 Raw is a real gem and I expect them to further expand. One of my other favorite Edgartown restaurants – Isola, closed down and 19 Raw bought their space (which is actually part of the same building).

If you’re in Edgartown and you want to get away from the waterfront craziness and enjoy incredible and unique food, check out 19 Raw…

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  1. Sorry to see Isola go, but looks like a great replacement. Will have to make a point of trying it before the end of the season.

    Congrats on the new Sabre!

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