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The Bar and Board Bistro – Newport Rhode Island

We opened the 2021 season with a 3-Day cruise to Newport. It’s early May and the islands are still pretty desolate. In fact, a lot of seaside eateries aren’t even opened yet … but not in Newport.

Newport is one of those seaside towns that pretty much stays open all year round and based on the traffic we found riding our bikes around town, it already looks like summer.

As you may know, we have a half a dozen favorite restaurants in Newport and we visited them all last season, but we decided to try some new ones this year.

The Bar and Board Bistro

With all the restrictions on restaurants last season, I began making reservations for everything and I still do. I’m now using both OpenTable and RESY, but generally start with OT which is where I found this gem…

It’s got a prime location on Thames Street looking across America’s Cup Way to the harbor.

It also has a chic and bright interior that takes full advantage of the view…

Their menu features a nice combination of the things you expect (Raw Bar, Lobster Roll, and Burgers), along with things you don’t, like Tempura Cauliflower ($15)
with a teriyaki glaze, purple cabbage, seasame, creme friache…

I began with an ice cold “Rhode Trip” IPA (6.3%) from Newport Craft Brewing Company (Mrs. Horne went Old School started with a Miller Light, but shared my second Road Trip).

We started with a half dozen oysters which caught my eye because of the price – $15 or $2.50/each. The price gets even better if you go for a dozen – $25 or just over two bucks a shuck!

They were as to be expected in Newport, but the real star of the B&B is their custom cheese boards…

I’m a huge fan of cheese boards and actually serve them often aboard Relentless…

I’ve only seen this offered in one other restaurant. It was named Solterra and it was on the Pacific in the coastal town Encinitas, California.

Creating your own custom board is fun and it’s a great way to treat your body to something other than typical fried summer vacation food.

We opted for the Bernina Bresaola ($7), which is air-dry cured grassfed beef from Uruguay, South America, Vintage Gouda ($7) five year aged, cow’s milk from the Netherlands, and the Mushroom Pate ($6) that included cognac, butter, thyme.

Every board comes with Crostini, Jam, Caramelized Onions, and Whole Grain Mustard. Here’s a veteran’s tip – add a double order of Crostini for a mere $2.00. It will help you clear the board of all those tasty bits left at the end!

All told our board ran $22.00, which is three bucks less than a dozen oysters!

Of course we had to try one of the eclectic small plates so we added the Duck Drumettes ($13) which are billed as house cured, confit duck wings, purple cabbage slaw, creme fraiche, duck sauce…

The Bar and Board Bistro Duck Drumettes

Unlike Chicken Wings, the duck is confit, which means it’s slow cooked before frying and falls off the bone. The skin was very crispy and both sweet and spicy. The honey wasn’t as sweet as sugar and the Creme really provided us with a “party in our mouths.”

I fully recommend The Bar and Board Bistro anytime, but really like it as an option if you’re in Newport for multiple days and want to give your palette a welcome change of pace.

Despite our large and exotic meal, the tab still checked in at less than $100 (including tip), which isn’t bad for a seaside eatery in Newport…

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