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Post Pandemic Bliss – The Canteen in Provincetown

We’re in Provincetown for the first leg of an 8 day trip. I’ve been visiting here since 1971, but never by boat until we stayed here on Relentless last September. We had a lot of fun, but it was the height of the pandemic and everyone, everywhere, was masked up and social distancing.

As you may know, I never really bought the whole pandemic thing. The numbers were never there and once the politicians started manipulating the data I pretty much checked out and just tried to live my life (as normally as possible).

So it should come as no surprise to hear that we’re delighted that Massachusetts has lifted almost all their restrictions.

Wednesday we took our eBikes out for a twenty mile run along the National Seashore…

We got a late start so by the time we got back to town and started looking for a place to eat, it was 2:00. Before we left, Mrs. Horne made a new friend – Krisann, and she had suggested The Canteen. Coincidentally, it’s #1 on Yelp, so it wasn’t a tough decision.

The entrance on Commercial Street looks like a Candy Store…

The Canteen Provincetown

The magic happens down a wooden walk to the right…

As you round the corner, you’d swear you’ve been transported to the Caribbean…

There are a number of seating options ranging from near the building on a shaded porch to out by the water with “your toes in the sand.”

I think the reason this place is #1 for lunch on Yelp is because it offers a great bang for the buck. Oceanfront dining, good food and good drinks at low prices.

You order your meal back in the candy store and they call out your name when it’s ready – and it was ready fast…

Thanks to the service model, the prices are low and the food is great. Mrs. Horne ordered the Hot Lobster Roll…

There’s not a lot of intrigue in this style of lobster roll. There are only three ingredients – Lobster, Butter, and a New England style hot dog roll. The size was just right for the price – $22.00.

I looked for the most exotic thing on the menu and went for the Greek Chicken Salad Sandwich…

The chicken salad didn’t exactly have Greek flavors, more Syrian – mint and lemon. The banana peppers were definitely Greek and the rest of the sandwich was a classic BLT on an incredible warm grilled ciabatta roll.

It was very good, but so stuffed with lettuce that I started eating it with a fork. It was a great sandwich and an oceanfront bargain at $10.00.

Tommy’s Bar

The lunch was great, but the post pandemic magic started when Mrs. Horne asked for a second margarita and started chatting with the bartender.

I said “Let’s go sit at the bar…” and the whole afternoon flipped back to 2019. Unmasked and sitting in this idyllic topical setting, we chatted with Tommy for over an hour…

Tommy – The Canteen

Based solely on his looks, we assumed he was from California or Hawaii, but it turned out that Tommy grew up in Somerville! His family had a cottage in Truro and at some point he just moved down to the Lower Cape.

We talked about the last year, my teenage days living in town, and local legends.

After an hour or so, two of Tommy’s friends showed up and the five of us kept up the conversation like a bunch of old buddies.


It was a great afternoon at a great new seaside eatery. More importantly, it looks like we’re finally getting our normal lives back…

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