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The Atlantic Edgartown – A Most Friendly Bar

We’re in Oak Bluffs for the final four days of our 8-day cruise. We decided to head over to Edgartown and visit one of our favorite seaside eateries for lunch (19 Raw or The Seafood Shanty).

On the MV bus ride over, Mrs. Horne suggested The Atlantic. I quickly googled it and saw that it was closed on Mondays (as was 19 Raw).

We headed down to waterfront via Main Street destined for the Shanty, but as we passed The Atlantic I noticed the doors were open. Sure enough they weren’t closed on Mondays and in we went!

The Venue

It’s a great spot that sits on the water just behind the Edgartown Yacht Club.

The outside deck has been converted into a dining area (probably due to pandemic restrictions), but it didn’t really interfere with the oceanfront feel…

Being a Monday in early June, the indoor dining room was pretty empty so we took a couple of seats at the bar..

It’s a long horseshoe bar that easily seats 20 and most seats enjoy some sort of an ocean view.

We were immediately greeted by a very friendly bartender named Jaryl…

Jaryl asked us our names and simultaneously took and prepared our cocktail order while selling us on the best dishes on the menu…

Mrs. Horne was so impressed that she asked “Are you our bartender or the chef?”

The Food

The menu at The Atlantic is kind of unique in that the lunch and dinner menus are the same – there’s only one! This means you can have a $68 twenty ounce ribeye for lunch, or a $23 Atlantic Burger for dinner.

Mrs. Horne never passes up a good burger, so she went for the Classic…

There are a lot of ways to prepare a classic cheese burger, but lately we’ve been opting for blue cheese and the Atlantic served it perfectly warm, but not yet liquid.

By the way, the “Atlantic” burger is quite different from the “Classic.” Clearly, the chef wanted the restaurant’s namesake to be memorable, so it’s very Mediterranean…

The Mediterranean angle caught my eye, so went with new addition to the menu called “Shawarma Tacos…”

This was a unique and incredible sandwich. The protein was a combination of veal and lamb, slow cooked in Indian spices. It was topped with feta cheese and harissa mustard and served in warm (homemade?) pita.

The side salad was equally impressive in its simplicity and depth of flavor…

The primary flavoring was from the Arugula and vinaigrette dressing, but there were pickled red onions tossed in making it a perfect side dish to the heavier “tacos.”

As we ate, Jaryl hung out and talked with us as Mrs. Horne included a man a few seats down in the conversation.

We’d payed our check, and without batting an eye, Jaryl grabbed our drinks and gave them a little topping off. This was a great move for any bartender. It costs the restaurant virtually nothing, yet it was something nice well remember for years…

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