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Queequeg’s – Nantucket

On day two of our six day Father’s Day weekend on Nantucket, we decided to check out a new restaurant called Queequeg’s.

It’s a great location if you’re staying at the Nantucket Boat Basin – a third of a mile walk…

We opted to dine al fresco and there were a lot of outdoors tables probably left over from pandemic restrictions…

Queequeg’s Nantucket
Queequeg’s Nantucket

I didn’t go inside, but found a few photos from Opentable and Yelp…

The Food

Queequeg’s offers what I’d call a “short but sweet” menu with classic fare, specials, and select sushi.

Becky started off with the Kale Caesar

Queequeg’s Nantucket Kale Caesar

I forget to take a photo when it first arrived so this is actually about half the regular portion.

Mrs. Horne went Sushi…

Queequeg’s Nantucket Town Roll

This is a really flavorful roll featuring Tempura Shrimp, Avocado, and Spicy Tuna along Asian sauces and an aioli.

Ben chose the Bolognaise…

Queequeg’s Nantucket Bolognaise

This was a very sophisticated Bolognaise featuring four meats – Beef, Veal, Pork, and Crispy Pancetta along with Ricotta.

Becky and I ordered the Shrimp Scampi…

This made the 4th and final mouthwatering dish we enjoyed at Queequeg’s. Huge, perfectly cooked jumbo prawns and tons of garlic. We did both ask for extra Parmesan and that really topped off this great dish.

Our meal with drinks came in at $95 plus tip, which was a great price for a sophisticated dinner of this quality…

I’ve dined in Nantucket more times than I can count and never heard of Queequeg’s. But now I know and I will most assuredly be back!

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  1. Town right next door is their sister restaurant and actually share the basement kitchen. Also very delicious. Slip 14 is a must try next trip, excellent chef and fresh seafood 🦞 often collected from the owners boat served in the kitchen. Great writing, found myself here after reading your electronic adventures and departure from Mattapoissett.

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