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Nantucket – The First 48 Hours

We are in Nantucket for six days. It was originally going to be seven, but the day before we were to leave, Relentless developed a minor problem and I decided to push things out a day to see if we could get it fixed.

Scott Kreutzberg (Owner – SK Marine Electronics) and his team were on board Monday installing two massive 12” Subwoofers…

Each of these have a dedicated 600 Watt Class D amp and effectively turn Relentless into a floating rock concert.

While they were working, I decided to do a few small jobs involving the cabin that sits below the main salon and is accessed by a an electronic sliding hatch.

Suddenly, the hatch stopped working! There is small escape hatch you can sliver through to get in and out of the laundry room/crew’s cabin, but it’s not any fun.

As reported in an earlier story, boats are complicated pieces of machinery, particularly the electric components. They simply don’t like anything that involves salt water.

Knowing Mrs. Horne would want to do laundry during a seven day trip, I pretty much panicked.

Ned and Scott to the Rescue!

I mentioned the broken hatch motor to Scott and he volunteered to try to fix it – even though it had nothing to do with marine electronics. He slivered through the emergency hatch and removed the actuator…

I started searching on the internet for a replacement and nothing came up.

“I can bring it back to my shop, take it apart, and try to fix it” said Scott.

“That would be great” I said.

I admit I was a little blown away by this offer – but truly grateful.

A few hours later Scott texted me and Ned and that’s when they really shined…

Scott and Ned went to Relentless at 9:00 PM Monday night and reinstalled the actuator. Sadly, they couldn’t get it to work, but tried until 11:00 PM.

The next morning, I pushed our departure out a day and Ned figured out the problem. Somewhere along the way someone had rewired the switch incorrectly. Ned got the full manuals from Sabre, found the correct schematic, and fixed it.

We departed for Nantucket on Wednesday morning, but it wouldn’t have happened without the great efforts of Ned and Scott…

Getting to Nantucket

We left Mattapoisett around 8:45 with a brisk northwest wind off our our port stern. The plotter estimated a 10:30 arrival for the 46 mile run.

As we approached Woods Hole, the chop started to pop up. Once we left Vineyard Sound and passed Edgartown, there was nothing deflecting the 20 knot wind…

I had carried a more northern route than necessary to steer clear of the Tuckernuck Shoals. The charts say you’ll have a minimum of 7’ of draft, but experienced sailors will tell you the shoals move and the charts are never right…

As the seas started building to 4-6’ seas, I was glad to be well north of Tuckernuck because it allowed me to turn southeast and “surf” downwind to Nantucket…

We arrived around 10:45 and tied up at Slip 1051. It’s a great slip near the main wharf and it’s perfectly situated for people watching from the fly bridge…

Getting Acclimated

Nantucket is such a magical place and once again, we’re getting treated to summer temperatures in mid June.

We tried a new spot of lunch – The Nantucket Tap Room at the Jared Coffin House…

It’s a great in-town setting with delicious gastropub cuisine.

After lunch Ben and Becky arrived and we did a 12 mile bike ride out toward Sankaty. We had 5:45 dinner reservations at Slip 14, but the ride was so enjoyable that we switched to 7:00 at Straight Wharf.

You can read my review on Straight Wharf here.

Day Two

We began our second day with a 17 mile ride out toward Tuckernuck Island…

I love all the bike trails on Nantucket, but I think this one is the best. It offers miles of Nantucket countryside and there are many places where the path separates from the road. It’s also less congested than the ones that run south and east of downtown.

Lunch at or, The Whale

We discovered or,The Whale last year during the pandemic lockdown that prohibited indoor dining. It has a wonderful back patio that is really quite private despite its downtown location…

After lunch we did a little work on Relentless and capped off the day with a cocktail party on the fly bridge…

Becky, Mrs. Horne, and Joan
The Captain and Ben

After cocktails, we tried out a great new restaurant called Queequeg’s. I’ll probably do a full review soon and link it here, but for now, I’ll just leave you with some photos of the evening…

I’ll report back on the weekend in a few days…

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  1. I’m glad you enjoyed the Nantucket Boat Basin and the Taproom. They are both such special places to make memories and enjoy good company. Come back soon!

  2. Good morning. I love your stories and I love Nantucket. My daughter lives there. she works at byb. It’s a quaint little place in town. Her boyfriend works at Charlie noble. The food in both places is amazing. I love the pictures you capture of the beauty of the island. I’ve been there several times and next time I will surely rent a bike. Thank you for sharing your adventures you are all blessed. Kind regards Deborah H.

  3. Nothing like Nantucket I will be buying a house on the island at some point in the future. My daughter absolutely loves it she’s 3 been going for the last few years and all she talks about is going back. I feel the same way we are there 2 weeks out of the year but eventually we will be able to go and stay at our house whenever we want hopefully in the near future. I’ve traveled the world Nantucket is my favorite place to be I’d love to know if it’s just me or does the island get everyone.

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