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eBiking MV – Edgartown Bicycle

My ongoing quest for seaside eBiking continued last weekend in Edgartown. As you may recall, we discovered Wheels of Delight on Nantucket and I’m happy to report that we also struck pay dirt at Edgartown Bicycle…

The owner of Wheels of Delight told me that he fought for the right to rent eBikes on Nantucket in an effort decrease moped rentals – which are both dangerous and annoying.

In a similar fashion, Hans Selvog, the owner of the rental side of Edgartown Bicycles, went before Edgartown selectmen and fought to lift the ban on the rental of electric bikes. Other towns, such as Tisbury and Oak Bluffs, allow electric bike rental.

He succeeded!

A Short Walk?

While it’s great to find eBike Rentals in Edgartown, I have tell you right up front that it’s almost a mile walk from the waterfront…

Of course the whole point of eBiking while cruising is to hopefully burn off an extra 1,000 calories that from all the junk we eat, so an extra two mile walk is “all good.”

The eBikes

Edgartown Bicycle does not list eBike Rentals on their website, but they do show up in an “eBike Rentals in Edgartown” google search, so I called them and they confirmed that they do.

They told me that they offer two levels of eBike Rentals, a basic Townie Electra for $50/day and a higher end/faster eBike for $80/day (sorry, I forgot the name.) They also offered a cash discount – which I love.

Not only was $50/day a great price, but they open an hour earlier than most rental shops – 9:00 AM. This worked out perfect for us as we planned to ride all morning, return the bikes at noon and go to lunch in town.

Since we’re all pretty fit and we were looking for both exercise and greater cruising range than a conventional bike, we saved a few bucks and went with the Townies for $45/day cash…

The Townie is a perfect bike for first timers. It’s not as heavy as a full blown eBike, and setting the Pedal Assist (PAS) to Eco or Tour is pretty much the same as pedaling a regular bike. Once you get the feel for things, you can crank it up to Sport or Turbo to reach the 20 MPH top spend.

Another thing I like about Edgartown Bicycle is the helmets they provide – I think they’re Bells…

Gary ready to roll…

If you’re biking in hot or humid weather, you’ll want a helmet with vents to let the air circulate.

Our Trip

Given that we were a mile south of town, I suggested the coastal bike path to Oak Bluffs, but everyone wanted to hit Chappy, so we headed to the ferry.

In less than an hour we were inside the Wasque reserve, taking in the incredible petrified trees…

After locking up the bikes with chains EB included (at no extra charge) we took the short walk to the beach…

Two years ago we did this same trip with Gail and Rudy on regular bikes and by the time we got here we were beat. But thanks to our little 250 watt helper, we had plenty of pedal power left.

The girls wanted to see the Mytoi Japanese Gardens and Gary wanted to see the Teddy Kennedy Bridge…

Beyond today’s bridge is a guard house and a road to the beach. Bikes aren’t allowed, only jeeps that drop their tire pressure to 15 pounds back at the Japanese garden.

I love eBiking, but maybe I’ll try renting a Jeep next time, but probably not – more likely we’ll be taking that coastal eBike run to Oak Bluffs.

I’m very happy that Edgartown now has eBikes rentals and I love Edgartown Bicycle!

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