Labor Day Weekend in Newport

For the past few years, we’ve spent Labor Day with Mrs. Horne’s family. Her brother Paul hosts a party and a “Washer’s” Tournament. Rudy and I don’t play Washers, but we do perform live music. In May, Mrs. Horne informed me that she wanted to try something different so I forked over $915 and booked Bowen’s Wharf in Newport for 4 days/3 nights. Our Initial … Continue reading Labor Day Weekend in Newport

A Marina WiFi That Really Works!

Last winter I was talking to Becky at Dockwa about everything under the sun and sea. At one point we got to the topic of Marina WiFi. I mentioned that I have yet to find one that comes anywhere close to basic cellular throughput and nothing that would enable video streaming. Becky said she had come across a guy in NY who had. She said … Continue reading A Marina WiFi That Really Works!