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Hello and welcome to My Buzzards Bay.

First of all, let me suggest that you sign-up for email updates of new posts.  The little widget you use for signing up is located to the right of this post.

The Landing Newport 2

The crew taking in some tunes at The Landing in Newport

Now that that’s out of the way, let me also invite you to just start clicking away, but if you’re short on time, let me tell you a little about how this site is organized.

The posts on the main page are random in content and chronological in terms of when they were written. Some fall into one of the main categories (like Dock & Dine, Seaside Eateries, etc) and some just old sea tales.

Each of the posts that fall into a category can be found by clicking on the page at the top where you’ll find information and/or links to the related posts.

More than likely, your top priority is locating the perfect Dock and Dine venue on Buzzards Bay. If that’s your mission, just click here and get down to business. I simply ask you come back after you tie up and explore the rest of my site.

I also think many of you may be interested in one of my comprehensive reports of the destinations we’ve visited in New England. If that’s what you’re looking for click here.

One more thing. Pretty much every thing on this site is near and dear to my heart. This means if it’s a Dock and Dine, restaurant, or marina, I’ll probably be returning many more times (God willing!). When I do, I may be just updating my older post unless something really significant has changed. For this reason, I’d advise you to check back before you set sail based on one of my reports!

I hope you find this useful in your travels or a least interesting reading.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or corrections, please let me know at davidjameshorne@gmail.com. And don’t forget to go the bottom of the home page and sign up for automatic post emails!

Dave Horne

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  1. We travel the same waters in our Back Cove 30 “Blue Heron.” We have a lot to catch up on with your previous blogs and look forward to your updates. George & Elizabeth DeFalco


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