The Royal Furs – Live at The Deck

I’m slowly getting out from under all the great live music videos I shot last weekend in Newport. I have already published videos on ANAMCARA and Justin Pomfret. Last Sunday The Deck was closed for a private party at lunch, but we went at 1:30 and caught a great new duet named The Royal Furs. I also shot a short clip of Sean shredding a sweet … Continue reading The Royal Furs – Live at The Deck

Quick Trip to the Chartroom

Our #1 crew Gail and Rudy are down for a few days. Last week featured spectacular weather, but the forecast for the weekend was sketchy and generally wet followed by nice weather on Monday and Tuesday. Based on this, we planned to shift our weekend to Sunday and Monday. Of course that was the forecast three days ago. By Saturday morning, Saturday was clearing and … Continue reading Quick Trip to the Chartroom

The Wharf Pub – Newport

Monday morning Mrs. Horne decided that we’d take advantage of a beautiful 75 degree day and head to Newport for a mini vacation (full story to follow). Although we mostly enjoyed our favorite restaurants, we did find time to try a new one – The Wharf Pub located right off Bowens Wharf. I admit having walked by The Wharf Pub dozens of times and never … Continue reading The Wharf Pub – Newport

The Moorings – Newport

We’ve stayed at The Newport Yachting Center more than anywhere else in Newport. It’s a great marina, centrally located, and just a few steps from the #1 rated restaurant in Newport – The Moorings. Unlike most of the better restaurants on America’s Cup Way, the Moorings has a large parking lot. This is good is you’re driving here, but it may also account for the … Continue reading The Moorings – Newport

Dockwa The Disrupter!

Welcome to My Buzzards Bay 2018! Although I’m enjoying a steady dose of 80 degree days here in the desert of Southern California, my mind is regularly drifting toward the 2018 Boating season, which is scheduled to begin on Vigilant in late April. Our last trip was October 20th and although I’ve begged the boys at Mattapoisett Boat Yard to share their stories of late … Continue reading Dockwa The Disrupter!

Destination – Cuttyhunk

After a great early dinner on Friday at The Chartroom and a surprisingly pleasant gray day cruise to Edgartown, we wrapped up our annual weekend with the McGrath family with a visit to Cuttyhunk. I haven’t been there is a while mostly because the food options are pretty sketchy. If you’re in the same boat, you may want to stay tuned, I think they’ve gotten … Continue reading Destination – Cuttyhunk

Circumnavigating Block Island by Scooter!

Day 4 turned out to be scooter day. Mrs. Horne says “they’re not scooters, they’re mopeds”. But I pointed out that they don’t have any pedals! Although Ballards Marina doesn’t have any of the typical marina facilities, they do have a car, scooter, and bike rental center. Breezy set us up and told me to “keep taking lefts and you’ll see the whole Island.” She … Continue reading Circumnavigating Block Island by Scooter!

Brew Fish – Marion

Friday night I took a group of friends to Brew Fish in Marion for my first dinner experience (I have enjoyed several lunches there, but this was my first dinner).

Let me start by saying this is great spot to bring a crowd! They don’t take reservations for parties smaller than six and it’s so popular, you may have to a wait a while for a table on a midsummer weekend night.

It’s also not a Dock and Dine, but it’s not very far from Burr Brothers if you’re staying overnight in Marion. Burr Brothers offers both moorings and transient slips on Dockwa

Brew Fish - Burr Brothers
Brew Fish is 4/10’s of a mile from Burr Brothers slips and moorings…

Don’t be scared off by the number of cars in the parking lot — this is a big restaurant. It actually consists of 4 separate spots where you eat and drink. There is an indoor sit down restaurant, an outdoor area, a large bar area with hi-top tables and an outside area with a bar, a raw bar, and a fire pit. We ate in the bar at a high top for eight. Continue reading “Brew Fish – Marion”

(The Dawn of) Aquarius – Clyde’s Pearson 35

In 1982, my father Clyde retired and bought his last boat and this time he really got it right. It was a 10 year old Pearson 35. If you know anything about Pearson, you know that they have always made very solid boats; boats ideally suited for Buzzards Bay’s wind and sea. I think different P35’s were rigged differently and Aquarius sported a very large … Continue reading (The Dawn of) Aquarius – Clyde’s Pearson 35