The Royal Furs – Live at The Deck

I’m slowly getting out from under all the great live music videos I shot last weekend in Newport. I have already published videos on ANAMCARA and Justin Pomfret. Last Sunday The Deck was closed for a private party at lunch, but we went at 1:30 and caught a great new duet named The Royal Furs. I also shot a short clip of Sean shredding a sweet … Continue reading The Royal Furs – Live at The Deck

Southern New England Tour – Day One

As we were plowing through the occasional 10 foot rolling wave several miles off the Rhode Island coast yesterday morning, I said to Rudy… “Back in the Mean Kitty days, I’d ask myself if the seas were going to be calm enough to go out today.” “Now I ask myself if there is anything that’s too much for Vigilant to handle.” Our destination was Block … Continue reading Southern New England Tour – Day One

Father’s Day 2018

Summer finally arrived on Father’s Day. We wrapped up our 4 day trip to Nantucket with egg sandwiches on board. It was a Perfect 10 day for boating all across New England. We left at 11:00 and dropped anchor off Weepecket Island just before 1:00. There we savored Father’s Day afternoon. We returned to MBY around 4:00 and it’s was still perfect weather. My First … Continue reading Father’s Day 2018

2017 Video Collection 

I’m back in California for the winter and I already miss Buzzards Bay. It’s in the eighties out here, so it feels like July and time to go boating.  I have already found myself looking back at some of the stories from last season and thought you might feel the same.  As the season went along, I started doing more videos and even created a … Continue reading 2017 Video Collection 

The Ocean eats another iPhone!

It started on Block Island when my cousin Sharon’s iPhone slipped through her fingers as she was listening to me play The Weight on Vigilant. After an incredible day on Cuttyhunk yesterday, Gary’s spanking new iPhone 7 slipped into Davey Jones Locker too. Like a lot of my friends, Gary carries his iPhone “naked” – the iPhone, not Gary! I mean no cover, just a … Continue reading The Ocean eats another iPhone!

You Meet The Nicest People in Edgartown at The Harborside Inn and Seafood Shanty

There is an old adage – If you want to make God laugh – Tell him your plans! After decades of boating on Buzzards Bay you’d think I’d learn that you really can’t make plans for boating, but I still do. Due a mass of weddings and other family commitments, we have a bunch of one-day weekends where only Saturday or Sunday are available (but … Continue reading You Meet The Nicest People in Edgartown at The Harborside Inn and Seafood Shanty

Rescue at Sea

IMG_0544This is a post from a few years back that I originally reported on my Peases Point website. It reminds us all just how serious boating on Buzzards Bay can be!

I was heading over to the town pier to pick up Sue and 6 friends for a short boat trip and lunch at The Chartroom. I was about a mile due east of The Point when I spotted what I first thought was debris floating in the water.

As I got closer, I realized it was the bottom of a small aluminum skiff completely capsized with 4 men trying to hold on and two young children clinging to the hull and no one was wearing a life jacket and the youngest child, who looked 5, was crying uncontrollably.

Suddenly, all those years of watching Deadliest Catch came rushing back to me. I cut the engines and lowered my stern ladder. I then shouted over and asked “is everyone accounted for?”

They said — “yes, please save us.”

I grabbed the VHS and hollered out my best “PAN, PAN, PAN, this is the Mean Kitty. I am approaching a small skiff capsized, one mile east of Peases Point Mattapoisett. 6 souls on board — 4 men and 2 children, all accounted for, no life jackets, need help, I will attempt to rescue immediately.” Continue reading “Rescue at Sea”

The Mean Kitty Hyrdrasports 3300CC – Twin 300 HP ETECs

We moved into our new house in Mattapoisett in June of 2007. We were enjoying the post 9/11 stock market boom and as I said, the Whaler was becoming highly unreliable. I had become a regular on and had literally spent the last 2 years picking out the next Horne boat. All the offshore boys liked Yellowfins and Regulators. I did too, but they were … Continue reading The Mean Kitty Hyrdrasports 3300CC – Twin 300 HP ETECs

Does Anyone Know Where The Love Of God Goes When the Waves Turn The Minutes to Hours?

The 26′ Boston Whaler Outrage Twin 200 HP Mercury Optimax (My First Boat) Susan, Kitten, and me at Kingman Marine. 2000 was a very good year for the Horne Family. We were living in The Bay Area, I was doing very well in my job, and able to take a 6 week sabbatical in Mattapoisett for the Summer. With a few stock option bucks burning a … Continue reading Does Anyone Know Where The Love Of God Goes When the Waves Turn The Minutes to Hours?

An Interesting Weather Weekend and A Black Dog Tavern Review…

We just concluded a highly enjoyable weekend hosting three of our favorite couples. It was an interesting weekend from the boating perspective. Each day looked like a “Perfect 10” around 9:00 AM and each turned into days you wouldn’t dare go boating on by afternoon. Friday, we met Peter and Mary Lee at the Mattapoisett Boat Yard and headed to The Chartroom for a relaxing … Continue reading An Interesting Weather Weekend and A Black Dog Tavern Review…