Gunkholes, Rafting and the MBY Crew..

After Friday’s big gunkhole with about 35 of our closest friends from the Bay Club rafting at Lake Tashmoo, Mrs. Horne and I needed a quiet day on Vigilant to just chill. With little deliberation, we concluded Steamers at The Chartroom and a few hours on the hook inside Basset’s was just what the doctor ordered! Wanting to avoid having to go to a mooring … Continue reading Gunkholes, Rafting and the MBY Crew..

Forward Looking Sonar – The Garmin PANOPTIX

Every fan of gunkholing wants to know as much as possible about the depth of the water under their boat. And although Buzzards Bay is generally deep, there are a few spots where you really want to see what lurks below just to be on the safe side. When I ran twin outboards, it was pretty easy. I’d simply trim them up until the skegs … Continue reading Forward Looking Sonar – The Garmin PANOPTIX

Mrs. Horne Sees Maine!

Monday was a beautiful day. Since we canceled the trip to Boothbay, the next leg of our journey was just 20 miles down the coast to Newburyport, which meant we’d finally have a liesurely day.  We went out for breakfast back at Salt and enjoyed some outstanding food.    Tour of Portsmouth Harbor After adding 100 gallons of diesel at Wentworth, we headed up the … Continue reading Mrs. Horne Sees Maine!

Sunday at Hadleys

Last Sunday we headed out again with Kay and Steve on their final day visiting Buzzards Bay. For years we vacationed in Maui with the Kings and my plan was to rekindle that tropical vibe by making everyone lunch off the Weepecket Islands. We got there in 30 short minutes, dropped anchor, and started taking in the beautiful day. I was about to start grilling … Continue reading Sunday at Hadleys

Destination – Cuttyhunk

After a great early dinner on Friday at The Chartroom and a surprisingly pleasant gray day cruise to Edgartown, we wrapped up our annual weekend with the McGrath family with a visit to Cuttyhunk. I haven’t been there is a while mostly because the food options are pretty sketchy. If you’re in the same boat, you may want to stay tuned, I think they’ve gotten … Continue reading Destination – Cuttyhunk

The “Ocean Bay Club” Discovers the Weepecket Islands

When I’m not on Vigilant, I’m usually at The Bay Club Golf Course. It’s a really special club; it’s a great course, great people, incredible staff, and for some reason, it’s almost never crowded. If you like playing golf with nothing but birds chirping in the background, you’ll love the Bay Club. But if you’re looking for a gang of golfers to put together a … Continue reading The “Ocean Bay Club” Discovers the Weepecket Islands

Menemsha and the Jimmy Buffett State of Mind!

Saturday was an odd day. It was very sunny when I woke up, but quickly grayed to a thin haze. Mrs. Horne was coming home around 11:00 and our dear old friends Peter and Mary Lee were arriving at 1:00. Since this was their only visit this summer, I wanted to make it memorable. I told Peter to meet us Mattapoisett Boat Yard since it … Continue reading Menemsha and the Jimmy Buffett State of Mind!

The #1 Gunkhole in Buzzards Bay – Bassetts Island Cataumet

I was just trolling The Hull Truth and noticed a guy was looking for a nice beach where he could anchor his boat for his kids to swim. I guess there are some people left who still don’t know about this little slice of heaven! I mentioned it in my Chartroom or Kingman Marine Dock and Dine reports, but for those who missed it, here … Continue reading The #1 Gunkhole in Buzzards Bay – Bassetts Island Cataumet

My Secret Gunkhole – Kittanset Cove

Tuesday was a funny day…

I woke up to the third day of pea soup fog with the Point Connett moorings drifting in and out of the 1/4 mile visibility. Our dear old friends Gary and Amy were coming to visit for brief one night stay and hopefully a maiden voyage on Vigilant.

Looking out at the fog, I knew I needed a plan B!

I must have watched a dozen local weather broadcasts and all were predicting clearing; some at noon, some at 3:00 PM, and some even later.

Gary and Amy arrived at noon, amid the lingering fog, so we kicked into Plan B – lunch at the Shipyard Inn and a walk around the Mattapoisett Town Pier.

As we enjoyed the Clam Fritters, Chowder, and a Lagunitas IPA we kept seeing glimpses of sun reflecting off the cars passing by on Water Street.

Mattapoisett Ice Cream Stand
Mattapoisett Town Pier Ice Cream Stand
After lunch, Amy and Sue needed an ice cream cone, so we headed down to the town pier and checked out the weather. We could see across Mattapoisett Harbor, but there was a wall of fog blocking everything beyond Ned’s Point.

Thinking I might be able to salvage what’s left of Plan A, I suggest “why don’t we pack a cooler and go for tour of the harbor on Vigilant”.

Gary screamed “YES, get me on a boat” and we’re off to the races with a renewed Plan A. Continue reading “My Secret Gunkhole – Kittanset Cove”

Wareham – Buzzards Bay’s Bargain Dock and Dine Destination

Our two Back Coves – Tenacity (37) and Vigilant (41) have spoiled us when it comes to selecting a destination. Both can plow through 4-5 foot chop and Vigilant has a hard back door and a heater, making even a 50 degree day a cruise day. It wasn’t that long ago when when cruised Buzzards Bay in our 26′ Whaler and back then, we had … Continue reading Wareham – Buzzards Bay’s Bargain Dock and Dine Destination

Tarpaulin Cove – Elizabeth Islands

In the 1980’s we frequently cruised on Aquarius with Mrs. Horne and my parents Clyde and Hilda. Back then, Tarpaulin Cove was both a frequent gunkhole and a cruising destination. I recall waking up there once to a pea soup fog after overnighting on anchor with Peter and Mary Lee. Our next stop was Vineyard Haven and while Vineyard Sound south of Woods Hole isn’t very crowded, … Continue reading Tarpaulin Cove – Elizabeth Islands

Hadley Harbor

This is probably the most popular gunkhole around the outer edges of Buzzards Bay and Martha’s Vineyard. To me, there are two different sections with totally different vibes. Hadley Inner Harbor Most folks head here because it’s more of an adventure getting around the rocks and navigating the channel and all the boats moored or anchored. If you’re going on a day trip that includes … Continue reading Hadley Harbor