Beware of Fish Traps!

There is a new hazard that unfortunately is becoming more commonplace along the south coast; I’m talking about Fish Traps! The first time I saw one of these was off Mattapoisett Neck. They now appear off Sakonnet and south of the entrance to Newport. The traps in Mattapoisett and Sakonnet are close to shore which means you’ll probably be going slow and easily spot them. … Continue reading Beware of Fish Traps!

The Sail Loft – Padanaram

This is quickly becoming my Sunday afternoon hang-out. My friends Ken Richard and Neal McCarthy seem to have a standing gig there from 3-6 on Sundays, it’s seldom crowded around 3:00 and they have a limited free Dock and Dine deal going with South Wharf (just make sure you bring plenty of dockhand tip cash). Not only does the Sail Loft have all that going on, … Continue reading The Sail Loft – Padanaram

Tarpaulin Cove – Elizabeth Islands

In the 1980’s we frequently cruised on Aquarius with Mrs. Horne and my parents Clyde and Hilda. Back then, Tarpaulin Cove was both a frequent gunkhole and a cruising destination. I recall waking up there once to a pea soup fog after overnighting on anchor with Peter and Mary Lee. Our next stop was Vineyard Haven and while Vineyard Sound south of Woods Hole isn’t very crowded, … Continue reading Tarpaulin Cove – Elizabeth Islands

The Fishermen’s View Restaurant

Suppose you’re on Buzzards Bay for a little getaway and the weather is less than perfect? Let me be more specific. Suppose it’s May 13th, you just got your new boat, the skies are gray, the wind’s blowing 20 out of the east, there’s a gale warning coming in later in the day, and you’re determined to take you’re sister-in-law out to lunch – what … Continue reading The Fishermen’s View Restaurant

Woods Hole Pilings

Woods Hole is a very special place. It can also be absolutely terrifying for the boater traveling through it for the first time. In town, it’s truly unique. Although it does have the look of a Southcoast Seaside Town, it’s also a serious commercial town in that the Oceanographic Institution is also based here. Although I have eaten there many times, my favorite spot – The … Continue reading Woods Hole Pilings

The Sunfish – How I Learned to Sail…

Having been born in Nova Scotia, my father Clyde always loved sailing. In the 60’s, he rented a Bullseye for a few weeks and also a Corinthian. Both were classic sloops capable of handling the typical afternoon blow of Buzzards Bay. When I was in high school, Clyde was making good money and decided to buy a Sunfish on a total whim. It originally had … Continue reading The Sunfish – How I Learned to Sail…

Sandwich Marina (508) 833-0808 (Ch. 8)

Eventually, you and your guests are going to want to branch out from Buzzard Bay’s Dock and Dine 101 Venue – The Chartroom and when you do,  I recommend Sandwich Marina. I first discovered this cute little harbor years ago when the Pilot House was still the Aqua Grill. Back then, the Aqua wasn’t very good, but for those us in smaller center consoles, it … Continue reading Sandwich Marina (508) 833-0808 (Ch. 8)

Kingman Marine – Dock and Dine 101 (Ch. 71)

Kingman and it’s in-yard restaurant – The Chartroom has been the first Dock and Dine venue for virtually everyone I know in Buzzards Bay. Don’t get me wrong, The Chartroom is a such a great destination. maybe even iconic, but it’s its association with Kingman Marine that makes it work so well for first timers. Kingman maintains over 100 slips and even more moorings. Other than summer … Continue reading Kingman Marine – Dock and Dine 101 (Ch. 71)

Our Thunderbird – The Ute was a hoot!

In the mid 1960’s I convinced Clyde to buy a bigger boat. I remember driving around with him looking at used Thompsons, but I think he knew they were lake boats that wouldn’t hold up to much on Buzzards Bay. The other problem with the Thompson was that they were wooden hulls and I think Clyde knew fiberglass was the next new thing. Grady’s and … Continue reading Our Thunderbird – The Ute was a hoot!

Mattapoisett Boat Yard (508-758-4791 – Ch. 68)

Click here for my April 2018 UPDATE Mattapoisett Boatyard Dave and Ned Kaiser I was 13 the first time I set foot on MBY. I was with my father Clyde and he was about to buy a Thunderbird from Russo Marine. He was pumping Ned’s grandfather Art McLean for a better price. Unlike today, when MBY is pretty much all storage, back then they were doing … Continue reading Mattapoisett Boat Yard (508-758-4791 – Ch. 68)