Mrs. Horne Sees Maine!

Monday was a beautiful day. Since we canceled the trip to Boothbay, the next leg of our journey was just 20 miles down the coast to Newburyport, which meant we’d finally have a liesurely day.  We went out for breakfast back at Salt and enjoyed some outstanding food.    Tour of Portsmouth Harbor After adding 100 gallons of diesel at Wentworth, we headed up the … Continue reading Mrs. Horne Sees Maine!

The District Restaurant and Portsmouth NH

Sunday called for a 65 mile run around Rockport with a 30 mile leg across open ocean. This was to be the farthest I’ve ever taken Vigilant in a single day and the first open Ocean run in the North Atlantic, so we departed Boston around 8:30 AM which was early for Gail. ​ ​ The first leg up the Massachusetts coast was about as … Continue reading The District Restaurant and Portsmouth NH

Dick’s Last Resort – Yep…

We visited Boston for the first time in Vigilant Saturday and actually got here from Plymouth around 11:30. It was a very smooth ride and we really enjoyed the views of Boston from the waterfront. Like all good tourists, we herded into Fanuiel Hall Marketplace with the crowd looking for lunch. I pulled up yelp looking for a decent place to eat, but found none. … Continue reading Dick’s Last Resort – Yep…

What are we doing in Plymouth?

Truth be told, it occurred to me a few weeks ago that our 5 night trip to Boothbay Maine was fraught with risk.  It involved three 80 mile legs. No problem with mimimal waves, but how often do we see 6 days of minimal waves along the northeast coast of New England? The funny thing is that the marine forecast was showing just that up … Continue reading What are we doing in Plymouth?

A Perfect Song for Buzzards Bay – Solid Ground by Rebecca Correia

I first met Rebecca Correia while performing at Turks in 2011. Even back then I knew she had a special sound that was rare among local performers. I snapped a photo of her performing, shared it on her Facebook wall, and we’ve been “friends” ever since. Last night I had the good fortune of participating in a workshop Rebecca hosted for a half a dozen … Continue reading A Perfect Song for Buzzards Bay – Solid Ground by Rebecca Correia

Sunday at Hadleys

Last Sunday we headed out again with Kay and Steve on their final day visiting Buzzards Bay. For years we vacationed in Maui with the Kings and my plan was to rekindle that tropical vibe by making everyone lunch off the Weepecket Islands. We got there in 30 short minutes, dropped anchor, and started taking in the beautiful day. I was about to start grilling … Continue reading Sunday at Hadleys

Start Your Trip with a visit to US Harbors

One of the reason’s I started My Buzzards Bay was provided fellow boaters along the New England coast with the kind of information I was always struggling to find before I headed out. About a month ago, Rhonda from Boston Yacht Sales turned me on to US Harbors, which is a very useful website that is a great place to start your research on a … Continue reading Start Your Trip with a visit to US Harbors

A Newport Thursday

Our dear friends Kay and Steve came to visit Thursday morning. When I say morning, I mean 4:38 AM touchdown at Boston Logan! My red eye days have come and gone, but they’re still world travellers so they didn’t think anything of it.  The original plan was to enjoy a liesurely day at Peases Point and then head over to Newport for Friday night. If … Continue reading A Newport Thursday

Destination – Cuttyhunk

After a great early dinner on Friday at The Chartroom and a surprisingly pleasant gray day cruise to Edgartown, we wrapped up our annual weekend with the McGrath family with a visit to Cuttyhunk. I haven’t been there is a while mostly because the food options are pretty sketchy. If you’re in the same boat, you may want to stay tuned, I think they’ve gotten … Continue reading Destination – Cuttyhunk

The Ocean eats another iPhone!

It started on Block Island when my cousin Sharon’s iPhone slipped through her fingers as she was listening to me play The Weight on Vigilant. After an incredible day on Cuttyhunk yesterday, Gary’s spanking new iPhone 7 slipped into Davey Jones Locker too. Like a lot of my friends, Gary carries his iPhone “naked” – the iPhone, not Gary! I mean no cover, just a … Continue reading The Ocean eats another iPhone!

The “Ocean Bay Club” Discovers the Weepecket Islands

When I’m not on Vigilant, I’m usually at The Bay Club Golf Course. It’s a really special club; it’s a great course, great people, incredible staff, and for some reason, it’s almost never crowded. If you like playing golf with nothing but birds chirping in the background, you’ll love the Bay Club. But if you’re looking for a gang of golfers to put together a … Continue reading The “Ocean Bay Club” Discovers the Weepecket Islands

Leaving Block Island

All good things come to an end! Our fabulous 6 day vacation on Block Island ended Wednesday. We awoke to “Sabre corner” with a beautiful 54 in the prime spot at Ballards Marina and a 42 tugged up next to Vigilant. We returned to Ernies for our last breakfast on the Island and everyone but Mrs. Horne feasted on their award winning Corned Beef Hash. … Continue reading Leaving Block Island

Circumnavigating Block Island by Scooter!

Day 4 turned out to be scooter day. Mrs. Horne says “they’re not scooters, they’re mopeds”. But I pointed out that they don’t have any pedals! Although Ballards Marina doesn’t have any of the typical marina facilities, they do have a car, scooter, and bike rental center. Breezy set us up and told me to “keep taking lefts and you’ll see the whole Island.” She … Continue reading Circumnavigating Block Island by Scooter!